I started it, as usual.

30 01 2009

calvinhobbespng_thumbGenerally speaking most of my friends and family are pretty playful and silly… but I can really bring it out of people… unintentionally and un-plotted usually…

Basically what happens is I get MAD silly and it’s so much fun everyone joins in .. tee hee (I think my favourite part is Dee always escalates it so it looks like it was her fault.. (and so much more fun too.. it’s no fun if no one plays!) but I’m usually the one who started it…. remember the Christmas roll fight? LOL Mom totally knew it was my fault, but your kids where like uh .. mom.. what are you doing???)

So on face book, my innocent mom made a face book update… that was missing a word.. and it started this silliness.

Peg is at. 5:14pm – Comment

Bonnie Hanke Armstrong at 6:29pm January 29where is Peggy at?

Dee Sicklesteel at 11:57pm January 29CRAZYTown, I bet!!

Nadine Logan at 12:57am January 30hah hah – meet you there!

Magda Vince at 1:57am January 30behave… be nice to mommy… 😛 Mom knows where she is at .. right mom..? (god I hope she does.. would suck if she was all senile and lost… heh… just kidding)

Dee Sicklesteel at 2:33am January 30Oh shut up, you suckup!!! *slaps sister in jeuvenile windmill fashion*

Magda Vince at 2:41am January 30*Blocks slap, and uses spent Christmas paper roll to wack you into submission* bruha… 3 points for the little sis… shizzam

Dee Sicklesteel at 4:37am January 303 POINTS???? Go Figure!!! I’ll give you one. While I throw you down on the floor and sit on your head, squishing you with my butt. HA! I touched your FACE with my BUTT. Now THAT is worth three points!! * does rocky victory dance*

Crystal Winterton at 5:10am January 30Do I need to separate the two of you?! Geeezzzz

Dee Sicklesteel at 5:13am January 30*grabs spent Christmas paper roll, swats at Crystal, sticks her tongue out, shoves roll into Magda’s hand and puts her in front of Crystal then yells “SHE did it!” and runs*

Crystal Winterton at 6:05am January 30BRAT!!

Dee Sicklesteel at 6:13am January 30<grin>

Crystal Winterton at 6:55am January 30″MOM Dee’s teasing me!!”

Dee Sicklesteel at 6:57am January 30FINK!!!

Cindy Hogan at 7:03am January 30I don’t know where exactly you are at Peg, but I think you better get down here and break these girls up.

Crystal Winterton at 7:06am January 30Break it up eh? *beats Cindy about the head with the spent Christmas roll!* then does the Snoopy dance lol

Crystal Winterton at 7:07am January 30and all this cause Mom is AT. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee Sicklesteel at 7:18am January 30*mean pouty face, arms crossed*

THAT’ll learn ‘er.

*shoves Cindy and runs*

Cindy Hogan at 7:41am January 30Magda, damn you for giving these brats that spent christmas roll! Luckily I love these girls but will still punish them for their bratty ways.

Cindy Hogan at 7:41am January 30Shit, just remembered they like it when I punish them.

Dee Sicklesteel at 8:07am January 30*sticks tongue out*
*turns around and waggles bottom at you*
*turns face back and wiggles eyebrows*
*cheeky grin*

Magda Vince at 9:40am January 30meanwhile.. no one notices what the little one is up to…. I run the hose from outside spray everyone with water… giggle hysterically and then blame it on Dee. With big BIG eye and crocodile tears… heh

Crystal Winterton at 10:03am January 30You’re in trouble when Mom gets home!! oooooooooh boy

Magda Vince at 10:15am January 30
AM not.. I’m the FAVOURITE!!!! *sticks tongue out, while screaming neener neener and goes to hide and practice my innocent abused baby sister face*
Dee Sicklesteel at 11:00am January 30* grabs a can of spray paint and in an amazing replication of Magda’s handwriting writes MOM SUX MONkEY BALZ on the side of the trailer*
Dee Sicklesteel at 11:02am January 30
You are SO going to get it, now!
Magda Vince at 11:09am January 30Little does Dee, know I have set up a web cam and GOT the WHOLE thing on tape… heh.. storing that one away for later… does the blackmail dance ‘shigga shigga”
Dee Sicklesteel at 11:25am January 30Later Shmater, you will be in trouble NOW. Instant Gratification Girl WINS!!!

(this is still going on.. I’ve had to update this twice while I was writing the blog… go check out face book to see it.. lol)

As you can see, I’m so the one that took it there… this is what I do people.. I bring ABSOLUTE silliness and fun into your lives. heh. It’s infectious… I almost peed myself this morning when I saw what continued after I had gone to sleep. What fun! I can’t wait to start another one :D… *puts on evil little grin and beings to plot* (too bad we’re not all on twitter)

Side note… Calvin is my hero…. Screw age old philosophers.. I’ll take Calvin and Hobbs any day.



9 responses

30 01 2009

I was following this argument for a while, but I missed almost the whole last half – almost wet my pants when I read it here 😉 Do you know if Mum has seen it yet?

30 01 2009

I doubt it.. otherwise she would have joined in by now 😀

30 01 2009

You start it… I finish it.

30 01 2009

yeah I added to it… I so win

30 01 2009
Peg Vince

these girls are so silly….. Magda the instigator evil little grin and beings to plot* and Dee my Instant Gratification girl. and god help use they both think the have won…lol

30 01 2009

I so won

30 01 2009

Mad silly or just silly mad?

31 01 2009

Go see the update… I had a soft mushy moment. Then signed my death warrant. You win by default. Dead people walking can’t win.

31 01 2009


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