This page may evolve over time but for now I’ll just post a few links to where you can find me online.

Facebook: If you add me on facebook please tell me who you are, and how I know you :).

Flickr: One place to fin my photos online.

Facebook Photos: The pictures I have on facebook.

YouTube: My videos online.

Revver: The place where I used to put my videos online.

A blog project that I”m working on Chick Nag.

MSN: foufille (at) hot mail (dot) com   Although I never use it.

I have Skype, and google talk as well as gmail, but I’m not putting them on here because I don’t want random people adding them and using them.  Email me at gmail if you have it, if not email me at the hotmail address.  I check the hotmail one once a month or so.    🙂

2 responses

24 01 2009

Say isn’t this your friend Mel?

24 01 2009

You’re kidding right? Definitely not. 🙂

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