About Me

I’m not too sure what to put here, most people who read my blog know me already. If you don’t and have any questions ask away.

At this stage this is my personal Blog, mostly just and expression of my random thoughts and feelings, as well as a general place for my friends and family around the world to keep tabs on what’s happening in my life. Akin to mass email that you you go to instead of it clogging your inbox. 🙂

A short history (on the off chance someone doesn’t know and would like to), I was born and raised in Western Canada. I grew up in a small town in Northern BC, went to university and then left the country about 8 years ago. XD time flies! I traveled in Thailand for a minute, and then moved to Taiwan where I have been living working on and off for most of the time. I have taken the opportunity to travel to several countries within Asia (though not as many as I would like), and lived in Brazil for a few months too. I am currently working on a plan to take over the world and totally dominate. 😀 Or just my personal little corner of it anyway.

My main goal in life is to live free and happily. Life is nothing more than the innocent and gleeful pursuit of happiness. The thing I miss most about Canada and my childhood is climbing a tree and staying it it for hours, knowing there was no better place to be at that moment.

A little update to this I cut my hair… gripping I know ;).  And I quit my morning job to study and work on projects.  Basically I’m attempting to hatch a plan to change how my work and money interact so I can have more money and more time to do the things I want to do, such as travel and play.  Here’s hoping this isn’t a HUGE mistake 😉

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9 responses

15 09 2008

I used to climb trees when I was younger. What was you favorite kind of tree to climb?

15 09 2008

Pine, spruce.. or what ever other variation of evergreen was growing in the forest behind my house :).

18 09 2008

You live the life, sister-dear. You really do.

18 09 2008

😀 Really? You think so? yay! thanks xo

21 09 2008

You’re wonderful.
Happy Birthday sweet Magda!

21 09 2008

SARAH!!! yay and thanks, mwah!

21 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

21 09 2010

… really? bit lame spammer… you must try a little harder than that!

9 08 2011
Rex Ryan

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