2016… we’re almost there!

24 02 2018


For Chinese New Year, I flew to the USA to see Casey and see his family and friends. I met his brother and sister in law for the first time, they were really cool and even though I was very nervous about meeting them I had a great time. Due to our complicated past, I was really stressed about meeting and getting to know Casey’s family. I got to know his mom better and meet his grandma, who is real treat by the way. Casey and I got engaged and traveled around for a few weeks between Minneapolis, Iowa, and Milwaukee.

I was given and signed a new contract for the next year at my school, and a month later was again offered a job at the other school. I feel bad always saying no, but I’ve already signed and made a commitment plus… it feels pretty nice to be wanted. If things don’t work at the private school then I have something great to fall back on.

Casey had a manic episode and ended up in the hospital, that was really challenging and stressful. Especially while working fulltime and doing my masters. I had a class at that time and almost dropped out of school to go to the states. In the end, it was ok, but it was a really tough time.

Another summer of travel, back to work in August. There was some unfortunate and uncomfortable work drama but I tried to stay out of it.  Casey moved to Taiwan, but was still working for Mary which meant she kept pulling him back to the US, he went back for Christmas which I was surprisingly disappointed by it. I moped about and told him he’s not to abandon me again :P.

… to be continued.



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