Urban Legends Will Never Die

16 12 2009

Modern urban legends, do you buy into them?  Do you perpetuate them?  Do you believe them?

There are so many of them these days… help the girl kidnapped… twitter updates, facebook is raping your privacy, or they are going to start charging you money to use their service…

I shake my head.   Recently a load of people have been mass updating about the searchability of Facebook on Google… it’s not new.. it’s old.. I know because I changed the settings ages ago.  Yes Facebook changed something recently.. and updated every user about it.  If you ignored it then whose fault is that???   Anyway.. a couple of people in Taiwan kinda got into a bit of a ‘conversation’ about it… and I just couldn’t resist.  Here is a the pertinent part of what I wrote.

(she had mentioned people stalking and using facebook to find your personal information .. look up you address etc. ) In Taiwan???  You know there are no white pages here right…. honestly, you’re getting overly excited.. all the searchability on FB isn’t new… you’re just discovering it… I have known about it for ages… stalkers are much more low tech they just chill outside your house and learn what they want.

You need to understand ALL of this information is rea Read the rest of this entry »


10 09 2009

The ‘friend drama’  I mentioned in the previous post is here.  I admittedly lost my temper and removed him as a friend on Facebook.  fighting-kittens But I was really pissed about someone who knew me would say such an obnoxious thing.. even if he was joking.  Here’s the convo…
Him: did you seriously friend dump me?!?
Me:  Did you seriously call me a bitter white girl? and agree with your ignorant asshole friend? He was just an ignorant ass and while he pissed me off his opinion doesn’t matter to me. what he said only made me angry.. you know me.. for you to say it sucked.
I may have been a little hasty .. but I was upset. I never do it, and then I always just let stuff go, I went with the mad this time.
Him:  If you’ve seen my friend magda, tell her to hurry back to taiwan. being on vacation gives her way too much spare time. did you really think i was serious? are we really still in fucking highschool?
your entire blog is riddled with ignorant assumptions based on your opinions. you let your thoughts and feelings free flow without filter. yet you find it funny and have no concern about others reactions to them. i don’t get it. it’s all a little too hypocritical for me. seriously, wtf? what’s the underlying problem bringing all this on. this screams redirected anger.
you definitely went with over reaction to say the least.
Don’t hold back at all (name),
Yes I totally over reacted I was having a really bad day had a huge fight with an old friend and was a might oversensitive. I have a wickedly bad temper and usually do not allow myself to Read the rest of this entry »

Better Facebooking 101

13 05 2009

Everyone seems to have stopped bitching about the changes to Facebook, but after speaking with many friends it’s apparent that most people haven’t discovered the good changes.

Honestly, before the changes I almost never did anything on Facebook, because I often didn’t see the people I wanted and there was too much ‘stuff’ to shift and sort through to find things that I found interesting. Plus they use that little algorithm to judge who you are close to and show you more of their updates, but it’s not always accurate.

So I made this video that Kinda sucks, if I’m being honest, to break down what I do now. I only spend a few mins checking updates and making comments, I see everyone I want to, and I’m WAY more Read the rest of this entry »

Protected: Dear Commenter: Thanks for all the Fish

10 05 2009

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Blah, blah night out and Facebook

22 03 2009

Yesterday I did a little shopping at Costco, always fun times, and then decided to go swimming.  After swimming came home and cooked up some yummy lamb and made an odd but good salad.

Purty flowers I got, no connection to the post :D

Purty flowers I got, no connection to the post 😀

I was pretty tired and kinda wanted to have a nap, but it really wasn’t in the cards.  It was my friend Arden’s Birthday party and I had also promised my co-worker I would go out to Luxy with her last night.  Had to do all that primping us girls go before heading out, you know how it is.  😉

Anywho after dolling myself up I went up to Luxy and met Wendy, her guy and a couple of other people outside.  Upside if you get in before 11pm cover is free (which is just the right price as far as I’m concerned).  I had a pretty good time at Luxy had a couple of drinks that the guys were nice enough to get for me (actually full on insist I have .. but same same).  Eventually I decided I needed to head over to Arden’s Party.

I had a heck of a time finding it as it had one of those weird addresses, where the actual place isn’t anywhere near the address.  And then when I did find it, as best as I could tell it was closed, I mean the damn metal gate was more than half closed!  The only thing that tipped me off that it was all a ruse was when Arden popped under the gate and Read the rest of this entry »

Contacting Random people is fun :)

9 03 2009

Ages ago a friend mentioned having met this woman named Tristan Taormino, who is this sex author guru type person.  I ended up looking around on her site [puckerup.com] and reading a bunch of stuff about her and thought gee she seems mighty interesting I think I’ll write to her.. you know just on a whim… Saying I though it was cool that she was so confidant and that while I may not agree with all her principals that I found her work and what she seemed to be trying to do interesting.   well wouldn’t you know it she wrote back to me

Hi Magda!

I’m sorry I’m late in replying…the past week or two of travel have had me running!  I wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful email.  It’s so important for us all to have an opportunity to learn and grow, and to explore things about ourselves and our sexuality – when we know what we enjoy and we can embrace it, we can truly start to live life to it’s fullest.  I’m honored by your compliments, and I’m glad that you found out about my work!

Well that was fun, I just wrote for a giggle and look I got a reply… so then a couple of days ago I say this story about some guy who sued google and won.. (rara little guy!!) And after reading that I came across something that indicated he was the same guy that is in some dispute with Facebook (over who’s idea it really was).  So again I think.. hm might be fun to drop this guy a line…  here’s a clip from my email to him

I read your blog post about suing goggle… and I have to say AWESOME.  While I use Google a 1000 times a day I have always said that as long as things are running smoothly, great.. but if you ever hit a problem with Google.. you’re fucked because they have no one to contact and no matter how hard you try any attempts to get and answer or help leave you frustrated and alone.

And would you believe it, he wrote back to me.. on the same day no less…


Thanks for your very amusing e-mail. I enjoyed reading it.

It’s true, I do have a bit of a difference of opinion with Facebook, Inc. I’m just glad the one with Google is resolved.

All the best,


Aaron Greenspan
President & CEO
Think Computer Corporation

Moral of the story… I doubt there is one.. I just thought it was fun that I wrote to these very random, likely busy people and they took the time to write back to some random girl.  🙂

Step 9: Made Direct Amends to Those We’ve Hurt

1 03 2009


Have you ever had someone apologize?  Ok well obviously you have, but obviously I’m not talking about the normal circumstances.

The history is long story, and one that while I’m over I still don’t feel like getting into.   Let’s just say I was friends with this guy, in school and in the end he betrayed me and did some really bad crap.  I walked away from the experiences moderately damaged, it took me years to get over the whole business.   But all said and done.. I’m over it and have been for a loooong time.

As a matter of fact I hadn’t even thought about any of it in years.  (probably in part, due to  bad relationship in uni… that put other ‘bad experiences’ in perspective).   On goes life… and one day these is this new social networking site that absolutely everyone is on… Facebook enters the scene.

He added me as a friend on Facebook… I laughed rejected and went about my day.  On April 27th 2006/7   7 I think…  he sends me a message:

How’s it going? Just trying to reconnect with some people from back home. I am living in (_____) and working as a programmer for a small  company here building software and doing their IT stuff and website. I have two great kids (6 and 10 months) and a great spouse, so life is really great! How are things for you? Talk to you soon!


… Well I feel no need to be friends, but eventually I though what the heck.. I wrote back.. I’m good just back from Brazil living in Taiwan.. etc.  Didn’t ask anything or encourage a response.. he added me as a friend a couple more times and  I Read the rest of this entry »

I started it, as usual.

30 01 2009

calvinhobbespng_thumbGenerally speaking most of my friends and family are pretty playful and silly… but I can really bring it out of people… unintentionally and un-plotted usually…

Basically what happens is I get MAD silly and it’s so much fun everyone joins in .. tee hee (I think my favourite part is Dee always escalates it so it looks like it was her fault.. (and so much more fun too.. it’s no fun if no one plays!) but I’m usually the one who started it…. remember the Christmas roll fight? LOL Mom totally knew it was my fault, but your kids where Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook… Why I don’t reply

28 11 2008

Good ole stalk book.. it’s a fun place to hang I tell yeah. See the thing is, I’m an email junkie and I know I’ve told people this before… but I’ll broadcast it here just so it’s written somewhere and no on can say I didn’t say it.

I check my email, let’s just say .. a lot, some would say too much .. but to them I say.. piss off. 😀 Anyway I get a lot of updates from facebook in my email. More specifically, when people write a message on facebook, I get and read it in my email, but I cannot reply to it there. I don’t always sign into facebook right away and often the message gets forgotten. The other thing is I like that all my sent and received emails are saved in my email and are search-able, so I often prefer email so I can go back to reference a past conversation. So now you know, if you want me to see the message and don’t care if I reply, write it anywhere you want.

BUT, if you want a reply, especially a timely one.. email is your bestest best friend. I’m certain you all know my email address .. ok there you go.

Must clean room.. Mission for the evening.. Maybe I’ll be able to make a nice video and pictures on the weekend :). Fingers crossed 😛

Fit for charity

12 10 2008

Hmm so I sent out an email about this.. Oddly I didn’t really hear anything back. Honestly I was a little disappointed, not that people aren’t interested but I thought that I would have heard a little something from more people. I guess my excitement didn’t spill over enough.. oops

My plan is to encourage people to participate in my fit for charity project. I made a hyped up on adrenalin video about it –> here

Pleh I had big plans to write all this out.. but .. honestly I’m tired and don’t feel like it.

Summary, I’m trying to raise money for Room to Read, it involves providing books, learning and education to kids who might not otherwise have the joy of literacy. So I’m combining some things I love, kids and the fun of introducing the world of reading to them, helping people, and fitness. For every Km you or someone you know (me perhaps) runs, someone (yourself or coworkers friends etc.. definitely hit up the boss 😉 I did) pledges to contribute $1 or more per km… so far I have 6 people who have committed to participate by running and two who are matching my pledge.

As I said in my email, any support is appreciated… just $1, $5, $100 or even just positive words of encouragement. I’m excited, this is the first time I have ever tried anything like this and I would like to do the best I can. Will you help me?

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