Blast from the Past(or just last year)

28 01 2009

So I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning and see that it was sunny today!  Hooray!  Tracey asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the mountain (I don’t hike :P) I was a little wiffle waffle-y until Merrill and Erin told Tracey that they were in town and would like to go with her.

Merrill and ErinSo I joined up and went with them.  不好 hill but it was super great seeing those guys.  I haven’t seen them since they went home last summer.  It’s really good to see them, it was like a little piece of last year before a lot of  friends went home.   That and it has been really cold for the last week, cold and rainy, and today was beautiful and sunny.

I really have to thank Merrill and Erin for coming back to visit and bringing the lovely sun shine with them.  After walking on the mountain, we went for brunch at the diner, really caught up on old times.

Then I came home from lunch, read this little book I’ve been meaning to have a look at (the present), it’s short so I finished it in less than an hour.  I took a little nap… and then I got up and played on the computer and now I’m going to go for a bike ride.  And I’m going to force myself to go, I keep putting running and biking off till later and then I get lazy.  NOT TODAY!!! rar..   Ok must put clothes on.. (bike gear that is) that is step one :D.



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