Thank you for being a friend…

1 02 2009

Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again.    You’re heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.   And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew.    You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say “Thank you for being a friend”.

It’s the theme song from an old sit com (I’m not saying which one… and I sorta hoping you’re all cooler than me and won’t recognize it ;P ) , which I downloaded on a whim and the show is basically just fun background noise.  But every time the song plays I smile and sing along… regardless of the lameness of me and the show the sentiment is really nice.

I have been meaning to write letters and notes to several people expressing my positive feelings about them.  But I haven’t gotten to it, so I’ll get to here :).

To all my friends:

I want to thank you for being my friend!

I have some really amazing friends all over the world, some of which I don’t get to see or talk to often but I really love them.  Every once in a while we cross paths online, on the phone or in person and it’s Great!

Hmm I feel like there might have been something else I had to say, but I forget now 🙂  Oh well

Hugs to all my friends!!



11 responses

2 02 2009

DAMN YOU!! I’m not cooler than you. *whimper*

Actually, I’m SO not cooler than you that when I sing that song, it actually chokes me up a little.

I am such a suck.

ps: I totally love you.

2 02 2009

Does that mean I’m cooler than BOTH of you? Just kidding – I totally recognized it 🙂 Luvs you too

2 02 2009

lol damn I knew I would be busted 😉 kisses!!

2 02 2009

Awww Geeeeze ,,,, I love you tooooo.


PS, we didnt get gold, I sent you an emai that night after calling, not sure if you got it. And yes in a way they totaly cheated.. used their own house, so technically not the same price range but whatever…. Being a finalist means my project was still selected in the top 5 of all of BC

2 02 2009

CHEATERS! No I never got the email.. did you send it to my gmail? That’s the only one I really use.

2 02 2009

Your welcome!

3 02 2009

You rock, you Golden Girl you.

4 02 2009


I freaking love you and thank-you so much for the card! I showed my kids the writing (characters) on it and they all thought it was bizarre! I can’t wait until our paths cross again! I have a great man in my life now too, and it’s about time …only took a million years since Eric! His name is Dennis and he’s from Quesnel; we’re in a bit of long-distance relationship for now, but I plan on moving closer to him eventually. He’s a catch – principal of a school and all!

You’re lovely!

4 02 2009

YEAH! I wondered if you got it 🙂
Me too, Hopefully we can make that happen sooner than later. Sweet you’ll have to share some picture with me sometime 🙂

19 04 2010

That was a sweet thing of you to post Magdalicious. Hope all your friends realize how kind it was of you. May your path be blessed. Thank you for being one of the kind people in the world. There are many out there but we tend to focus on the negativity and not all the positivity that we do encounter.


You are a person who laughs. And laughing is living life quite in enjoyably!
Hope you get all the beauty you deserve.

Drop of Water, Spark of Fire, Breath of Air, Mote of Earth.

Blessed be.

~Kari ♥

19 04 2010

Thanks Kari 🙂
That was nice of you to say, you brightened my day.

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