Why I haven’t blogged :)

25 11 2008

I’m sure you’re all wondering, and to be honest I was wondering a little myself, why I haven’t blogged at all about the past few weeks.

While while I was in the states, honestly I just didn’t have all that much time online. When I was online I was busy playing with my email, etc. I just wasn’t feeling the writing in the blog… too bad I had some fun stories. And I think I’ll make a point to tell some of them soon.

Since all of you have seemingly given up on my actually blogging about my trip, understandably so, I’ve been getting emails and direct messages. Plus being questioned by all my friends and co-workers since I’ve gotten back. And I just now worked out what the problem is.

I don’t want to talk about it.

Sorry :D. Nothing bad happened, it was a good trip. I had a great time :). I have not made any wild life altering decisions, but I am considering moving sometime within the next year. About the ‘other stuff’ I’m just tired. I’m tired of talking about it. I know shock of all shocks.. me tired of talking about something :D. Plus I’m tired of hearing about it 😀 So for the time being.. I’m putting a nix on the discussion.

Check out my facebook, or my flickr for some pictures from my trip.

Oh ok so a story from the states, I was there on election day. And I went down to the voting station place with Casey and Ziek. I was totally amused by the fact that they didn’t check anyone’s ID, I mean seriously if I had been a little more on the ball, I so could have voted in the 2008 US election. I could have just walked in and pointed at a name, said “that’s me” and got my vote on. I so wish I had… lol.. being all honest sucks sometimes. Plus in the states they have all these parties and bars giving away free drinks if you’re sporting your “I voted” sticker.

We ended up going to this place called bucket works for a little election party thing. Parts of it were pretty interesting, especially the speeches. It was pretty cool being there and seeing the first black American president being elected. Marcus danced… it was momentous. 😀 Both Obama and McCain gave really good speeches, I generally don’t watch any of that stuff so that might be why I was so impressed with them, but whatever.



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25 11 2008

I wonder what would have happen had you done so? Those LOWV are someone you don’t mess with at all! There were over 500 people by the time I voted which was 8:30 AM by me. Great election and I’m glad that it turned out the way it did! Glad you had the chance to see it all happen! Did you fix miltown’s tooth?

26 11 2008

So you don’t want to talk about it… the good news is, you don’t have to!

Hows life back in Tapaei (how the hell do you spell that??)? What’s going on with Tracey? Lots of FB updates on how bored she is… where is she? Do you chat with her much? Did you sort out the whole paycheque thing? Did anyone have to die?

So many OTHER questions!!

26 11 2008

Okay, I just TOTALLY had fun singing that song! What a great 3 minutes of goofiness! Thanks for that!

26 11 2008

mommy loves you

26 11 2008

@Dave, yup I fixed it 🙂

@dee.. lol I know right! No, no one died over the cheque… turns they didn’t want me loosing a dollar from the fee… (eye roll) handed me cash when I walked in.

@mom.. 🙂 thanks

27 11 2008

Nice to have you back! I missed you…

No email for me, but then I didn’t send you one. Have to stop relying on facebook and journals to keep up.

Love you and miss you!

28 11 2008

Hey ray! Yeah honestly I keep telling people email is THE best way to contact me.. 🙂

Yeah I miss you too 😛 visit ? 😉

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