American Thanks Giving

27 11 2008
trouble makers… I like the dates of the Canadian holiday better, but now that I’m thinking about it.. in the future maybe I’ll just celebrate BOTH… heh.
My sister poised some questions for me 🙂  To answer her:  Life back in Taipei is generally good, work is .. well work.   My morning school.. is fine, and my afternoon school is still awesome but I am really not liking my grade two class.. it’s a small class and they are spoiled little whiners.   As for Tracey, it’s probably best if you message her for updates ;).  She’s back in Taipei, she lives with me so lol .. yes I see her all the time.
I do really miss turkey.. And as we all work at schools that follow the American holidays, I am seeing turkeys all over the dang place.  And I bloody well want some!  It looks like we’ll be making some turkey for Christmas this year so I should get my fix sometime soon… I wish I had a deep freeze.. then I would I keep another one in there for a few months from now I could have another hit off the turkey bong.
I was rather excited that one of my friends (Hi Honi!!) told me she likes reading my blog 🙂 That was happy fun time for me !! la la la la



2 responses

28 11 2008

Thanks for answering my questions >kiss<

I won’t message Tracy, I don’t want to be too nosy… just tell her Hi for me, willya??

Mmmm, turkey. I think I asked you this last year… they don’t sell turkey there? Costco doesn’t have a turkey breast you can bake? Do I recall you saying it was stupid expensive or something?

We should smuggle you a turkey egg, and you can raise it yourself for thanksgiving. Or give it to someone else to raise for you so you don’t get attached to it and want to keep it forever then have dreams of slaughtering it and eating it, and then end up eaten up with guilt, which would be a really shitty thing for me to do to you by sending you a fertilized turkey egg. Okay, nevermind.

28 11 2008

No prob… nah .. you can bug her if you want.. just email her 😛

Yeah they do.. but it can be difficult to find.. although I found (and then promptly lost) the number of a turkey farmer in Taiwan… must ask my boss about that again. And NOOO they don’t have turkey parts.. I wish they did that would be soooo awesome. Then I could have bits!!

LOL.. haven’t you ever heard the story about the lamb and then lamb chops? I’m heartless when it comes to my meat.. chuckle.. I’m the best carnivore (though it’s prolly different raising it to just petting it). plus.. creepy.. nothing like getting eggs in the mail. ha ha

Thanks for the thought though.

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