Soda VS Pop

12 11 2008

random… :0

I always thought Americans all said soda… turns out we just think that because of the movies… 🙂




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12 11 2008

Yeah it goes back and forth where I live.

13 11 2008


I have been waiting for an update for NINE days and this is what I get?

lame wad

hehehe love you!

13 11 2008

Yeah and funnily enough I just happen to be in one of the few places in the northern states that just happens to predominantly use soda… foot in mouth when I said all Americans say soda.. lol.. (in my experience they do!)

@ ray I know i know… either Casey has been on the computer or I’ve been not feeling like writing I’ll try to write a real blog post today sometime.

17 11 2008

I once did a poetry reading of some of my work and a professor caught me afterwards and asked if I had come from the East Coast of Canada. Turns out that ‘sneakers’ is more predominant there than ‘running shoes’. Later, I put that to a test when I lived in NS for a year. It’s true – who knew?

19 11 2008

Yeah there are all kinds of funny little things all over the place I mean to add them to this post but then I never got around to it… didn’t have much computer access while I was in the states…. But that seems like a fun post I’m going to have to put that together after I catch up on ma stories 🙂

22 11 2008


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