History of Me 1978-2010

5 01 2014

Everyone seems to be writing these, year summary blogs (or letters, like Emily).  I know I haven’t really posted or blogged in ages.. and I may ore may not actually finish this and explain.

So Just this past year seems like not enough.. so I I’ve feeling nostalgic and am going to do something more silly.

My life in summary!

321074_10150328165758425_1018715296_n1978- I was born, I’m pretty sure the world stopped for a second because I’m so awesome!

1979-1997 – Lived in Smithers, it’s a boring story.  My grandmother passed away.  We moved into town.  A few years later my Grandpa passed away.  Went to France on a school trip, I always wonder if this was the beginning of the end. 303803_10150328166543425_714939757_n Met my little brother and dad’s side of the family. I graduated from high school, started working at my mom’s company (Newpro), got laid off  and on the same day received a uni acceptance letter.  Applied for loans and off I went.

294756_10150328172083425_1119687750_n1997-2001 – Moved to Prince George, BC, went to UNBC.  Partied, studied, and all that good uni stuff.  Made lots of new friends, had ups, had downs.  Ended contact with my dad.  Dated, ended up with Erik which while the relationship was terrible and we should have ended it when I originally.  It was a pivotal factor in the rest of my life.  Tracey moved to Japan on Jet. At the end of school, had a conversation with my friend Mike Yeh where he suggested I love to Taiwan.  I scoffed.  I broke up with Erik, and suddenly realized why the hell not?

2001-2002 – moved home to stay with mom (saving money before the move), made plans to hang out in Thailand for almost 2 months.  Got a passport, all my visas, and finally on a jet plane. Arrived in Bangkok on December 7, 2001.  Exited the plane to be hit by a wall of hot wet air.  Travelled around Thailand with Tracey, we took sleeper trains, busses, boats, planes, stayed in hotels, hostels.  Went diving, got certified with PADI.  I got some weird unexplained sickness, hallucinated my way around a tiny town (because I dipped and Tracey was frantic trying to figure out how to fine me) in the south and Tracy found me chatting with dogs, sorry about that.  Went back to Bangkok, Tracey went back to Japan and I headed to Taipei. Cue next chapter.

400966_10150477776398425_1432733508_n2002 – Jan 12, 2002 I arrived in Taipei city in Taiwan.  I always said that I planned to stay for at least 5 years, I wanted to stick it out, make money, learn a language, and a new culture (all part of Mike’s sales pitch).  I did say that if I was still here after 10 years, that I had to move home to see if I was really wanting to stay or if I was just scared to move.  Moved into my first apartment in Taipei it was hideous.

2002-2005 – Travelled to Japan to visit Tracey in March 2002.  Travelled to Thailand a few times.  Tracey came to Taipei to visit.  Went back to Canada, a couple of times to visit the family.  By being snotty, I offended Sammi, made myself less than popular and was blissfully ignorant of what I had done. Got my first passport abroad (was actually my third passport) the guarantor was an interesting challenge. Moved to a much better but more expensive place, when our landlord sold out place my friend Sarah and I got the place I’m in now and furnished it.

196133_17606138424_5039_n2005-2009- Taiwan changed the APRC requirement from 7 years to 5 years, right about my 5-6 year mark, no I didn’t apply. Tracey moved back to Taiwan after her south American back packing trip. Met and fell in love with my ex, who was married and bipolar, that was a ride that went on for a while (on and off for years). Went to Thailand again in 2006.  Moved to Brazil for 5-6 months with Tracey  in the fall of 2006.  We lived in Sao Paulo for a while, travelled around and spent the last month (2?) travelling around, drinking, partying and beaching.  oh I miss it.  Went on a visa run to Argentina, accidentally and illegally went to Paraguay. Moved back to Taipei in The spring of 2007. 208354_18145513424_5463_nWent to Hong Kong for the first time with Tracey and Melissa for my birthday, stayed at Mike’s place.  What a crazy weekend! Also went to Disney Land (even though it was micro Disney) for the first time. Went to the USA for the first time ever 🙂 in 2007.  226920_21520463424_8954_nWent to Boracay (a beach holiday destination in the Philippines) with a big group of friends, that was a wild and great time. Went to the states again in 2008, still with on again off again ex.  Made peace with my soon to be sister. Got back in touch with my little brother.

26383_334470878424_8030386_n2009-2010 – Went to Thailand for Jody and Kai’s wedding, and I almost missed my flight.  It was the last hurrah for our circle, Tracey moved back to Canada, Melissa stayed in Thailand and then moved back to Canada. Had a big trip to Canada, went to Toronto and Niagra falls for the first time, actually the first time I’ve ever been east of Alberta.  Got over my ex and let all that go, finally.  Ended up having a great bonding moment with Sammi and we adopted each other <3. I went to Hong Kong to Visit Gabby twice.  Raygan moved to Japan, and I went to Japan to visit.  Got my finances under control and it seemed like I might actually be able to get out of debt.



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5 01 2014

wow, quite the clip notes.. all those years and no becky mention. bahh lol I’m Kidding I never was a clip note in your life, I’m still here.

6 01 2014

You’re so not a clip note!!! Man Actually it was the pictures I was looking at pictures and i went back and kept adding stuff.. and then I was like… jesus I had better stop or it’s going to be a full novel! i actually have part deux ready will post in a couple of days 😀 the second part is the last couple of years and then this year 🙂

14 01 2014

You forgot the part about meeting the most awesome sister in the entire world. Oh, and the “tink tink tink” of the coffee mug. You know that was life changing for you…

15 01 2014

So many things got left out! .. I think it’s old age 😀 lol well it was traumatizing
… I think I’m almost over it.. I don’t flinch when I hear a spoon in a mug 😀

28 01 2014
miltownkid ZEE

I don’t have your email address. Totally going to have Casey do one of these. Sounds like you’re ready to go to India now. 😉 This is my first and last WordPress post. Find me on Google+.

28 01 2014

… how could you possibly not have my email address?? lies. No interest in India, except for a nice curry… 😛

25 02 2014

Onenof these girls is my wife. Take that fucken picture down you goof

26 02 2014

hmmm well.. no.. because I don’t even know who you are.. and I don’t really know where you get off telling me what to do. But to be clear, I’ll post what I want on my fucken blog. Have a nice day 🙂

5 03 2014
James Harrison

Alright I’ll take it down myself you damn skinner. On Feb 25, 2014 9:17 PM, “Magdalicious … A life better lived” wrote:

> Magdalicious commented: “hmmm well.. no.. because I don’t even know > who you are.. and I don’t really know where you get off telling me what to > do. But to be clear, I’ll post what I want on my fucken blog. Have a nice > day :)”

5 03 2014

Ok crazy pants, you have fun with that 😀

5 03 2014

Who’s the douchenugget with startlingly bad manners?

6 03 2014

BHAHAHAHAHA “douchenugget” LOL priceless… right up there with crotch nibblet!

No one, pretty sure it’s just a silly troll 🙂 Given I know all the people in the pictures, their current locations and marital status/spouses. Also I think he kinda fails at the internet, given I can access his IP address. I’m amused so I leave it up 😀

Even if it is someone’s husband, he can totally kiss my shiny metal ass, bad manners and stupidity get you no where. 😀

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