Turns out..

15 07 2010

.. if you write virtually nothing for months on end.. you lose your google ranking.. get way less hits and generally just become a loser than no one cares about.  Well maybe not.. lol but I was surprised to see that my views per day on my blog have dropped DRAMATICALLY in the last week.. like from 200 or more a day to 66 today.. oops… must get back to the grind.. actually the funny thing is I have written loads.  But nothing is finished… not really sure why.. hmm



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16 07 2010

Prolly cuz you’re a facist?!?

Or because you have yet to give a total cunt a severe kicking.


18 07 2010

Sounds like writers block to me ><

23 07 2010

or I’m in cranky pants mode.. lol I tend to not finish things when I’m grumpy

20 07 2010

I’m really not sure how the Alexa page rank works yet… They have your site currently listed as #9,647,722 BUT a site I JUST put up last week (Pwning Life) it has ranked as #4,595,298. That site has (at the time of this post) pretty much NO traffic except for me going to the site to make changes. I think it has to do with sites linking in and… I don’t know. 😛 Although I did just look on their site and they use the stats they get from people with the toolbar installed. Maybe because I’m hanging out on my site with the Alexa toolbar it’s boosting the ranking (compared to sites that have NO ONE with the toolbar install visiting them… or rarely anyway). Anyhow, if getting more traffic is a goal of yours, there are tried and true methods for achieving it. 😉

23 07 2010

It’s not so much the goal, as something that entertains me.

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