Kitteh’s in the Myst

3 06 2010

Here is the dilema of the day.  I have two adorable kittens at my house and I have to choose.  And before anyone goes on a song and dance about how I don’t have to choose and I could keep both of them, let me make something utterly clear.  I don’t want to keep them both.  And no I’m not just standing my ground, I really considered keeping both.  All of my protests about the cost etc are not the real reason.  I don’t want them both, if it’s both, then I don’t want any of them.

So down to the choice, here’s the annoying part I made my choice a couple of time, but I keep going back and second guessing myself.  I picked the chocolate one, she’s goofy kinda funny looking and sweet.    So what’s the problem?  Well the white one is more laid back, she is not shy at all.  When she meets new people she is all friendly and cuteness.  The black one is a little shy, she hides for a minute around strangers, but comes out to play soon.  she will follow you around and talk to you.

Choice made.  But then, the black one is weird for a min she runs away and hides.  gets grumpy.  hmm maybe the white one is the safer choice.  But then the white one really pisses me off sometimes.  She’s always getting into things and you can spray her with the water a 100 times and she’ll still do it.  Black lightning on the other hand, gets sprayed and thinks booo I don’t like that and she doesn’t do it again.  Also the black one worries me about being shy or unfriendly.  Why?  Because I’m so scarred over what a fucking dick head basket case Caju was.  hmmm hmm hmm The But just because the cat isn’t in love with everyone who walks in the door doesn’t mean that she is going to piss on things or be a pain in the ass.  She just hides until she’s made someone’s acquaintance. She can be a little irritating sometimes but in general I like her more than the white one.   So what’s the problem then?  Well little miss white sweety pie will come sit on my lap on her own… purr up a storm.  She says hello to everyone.  Trying to decided is stressing me out to the point I almost want to throw my hands up and say forget it.. no kitteh.  The black one pisses me off the most usually with her sister.  SIGH  THe perfect solution would be to send one away for two days and then the other to really see what they’ll be like on their own.  I’m utterly terrified that I’ll make the wrong choice.  No that’s not it… I want the black kitten but I’m afraid SHE is the wrong choice.  The white one is the safe choice… BAH

What do you guys think, please note and ‘keep both’ comments will be ignored and will do nothing but piss me off that you didn’t have the respect to honor my decision to not keep both cats.  So you can either give me your honest opinion between the two and my concerns or shutzenzee. 😀




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3 06 2010

My cat was an asshole for the first year of his life. ASSHOLE. Nobody liked him but me. But after the first year, he mellowed out while keeping his fun personality. Whichever one you pick, it won’t be the same cat as an adult as it is now. There’s always a risk. But either one could be awesome. 🙂 wish i could help more.

3 06 2010

I vote dark one, couple of reasons.. it actually sounds more like you! If its going to hide and be all shy at first then come out and play, i have actually seen you do this.. also the dark one likes who they like, straight up if they dont like you then no visity.. just like you! Also the way the cat reacts to the water,, there its good he wont do it again means you dont have to train it a hundred times to save your furniture.. and your kinda the same.. booo i didnt like what happened when i did that, i shall not do that again. and last the look on the dark ones face in the picture is sooo funny that pic says (in mags voice) Fuck off dont take my picture till im ready and when you hold me like this how are you supposed to see how utterly adorable i am.

Dont go with the safe choice mix it up a bit. i vote brown kitteh!!
hope this helps

3 06 2010

lol kinda yeah

3 06 2010

Plus I think the white one could so easily be adopted by anyone she likes everyone… while some people might not give the black one a chance. She does kinda look like a rat gremlin gone wrong.. lol

3 06 2010

I agree with the comment on adoption possibilities for the whie, and that the black sounds like you 🙂 Good luck! Reality is, there is no wrong choice. One of them will get to live with you and be loved, and one will be adopted and get to be loved by someone else.

5 06 2010

Does not!!! I don’t hide from company.. lol you!

4 06 2010

It sounds like you have your choice made, but that not withstanding I went with the black one. My favorite cat in the whole world was black and goofy and socially awkward but we belonged to each other and that was all that seemed to matter to either of us. Her name was Damascus, if that swings your vote any.

4 06 2010
James Lick

Black one because she talks to you.

4 06 2010

I know you dont want to hear this but both 🙂

When we had them I gravitated to the black one right away, while the white on remained everyone elses favourite. I think the reason is because you have:

a) 1 kitten that is generally liked by all. ( bread Jr.) She is what most cats are like, which is sweet, but I dont feel she has a specific personality.
b) Lucy, who may take a second to warm up, but when we had people over she has never been an issue after a few minutes. She is playful and amazingly adorable. She has her own personality, which is different and can lead to her being exceptionally adorable. Lucy used to make me angry sometimes too ( specifically the foot attacks) however, within 2 seconds I was loving her a bunch again. The thing with her is she is like having a child. Sometimes your kid does things you hate, but you love them regardless.

They are completely different. One is normal, and one is crazy and has a lot of personality. My personal preference is always for animals with that extra personality because I find it easier to bond with them.

To be honest, having spent a lot of time with them I think Bread Jr. is the smarter of the two. When we had her she was super avdenturous, and Lucy was always following behind her.

Regardless of what you choose, it would be good if you could make your decision soonish. We still want them to be kittens because the other one will be easier to give away. It is much harder to give away full grown cats 😦

I personally would go with the black one if I was you. If by chance, you decide to keep the white one, I have already decided i’ll keep the black one. If you keep the black one, we will find the white one a good home 🙂

4 06 2010

God lol First of all TOTALLY!!! Everyone things Bread Jr is the best thing ever because she is all hihi to anyone at all. But she kinda has the personaily.. well of her name.. bread. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Lucy on the other hand is a total tool a little skittish of new people but she’s a funny girl. (yeah the feet thing was cute for min… less cute when there is skin piercing)

It’s funny your assessment of Bread being smarter, I have had the opposite impression, Bread does things first and Lucy hangs back to see how bad it is. LOL Bread is messing around with the toilet… Lucy watches,, she falls in lucy walks away. I was giving them kitty menza tests.. lol putting them in the water box and seeing who worked out how to get out.. or the hooded top to the kitty little Lucy was like ah ha and went out the door immediately… bread sulked because she’d been trapped ignoring the door.

I actually do like Lucy more.. but what keep happening (and sorry for still having them) is (I might maybe be trying to quickly finish all of Dave’s books so I can return them with a cat.. maybe.. like halfway through book four) someone will come over and lucy will be weird and it freaks me out because of el asshole cat I had before. I’d never experienced such a mean antisocial crap pet before so anything at all that is like him makes me hella gun shy. Sigh and then deep down I know.. they are kittens so it will all go out the window anyway when they grow up. Bah!

I pick The black one 🙂 I do like her more.. my leaning back and forth is because Bread is so you know.. bleh but cuddly and you can’t hate that. Unless you really want her for yourself, I would understand. MY roommate btw is HEARTBROKEN because he is madly in love with Bread Jr but she makes him sneeze like a crazy person, so he’s decided he can’t keep her (I wasn’t even aware that he was considering it).
I’ll prolly give you a call tomorrow but if I don’t feel free to call me 🙂 hey maybe we can meet up 😀

5 06 2010

*shrug* Before reading the comments I voted white. Why? Cuz your biggest complaint about Caju was the lack o’ cuddling, and that was very important to you.

5 06 2010

oh yeah don’t get me wrong the black one is all cuddly too .. the white one is just cuddly with absolutely anyone 🙂 lil cuddle slut

5 06 2010

Black one!

5 06 2010

noted 😉

5 06 2010
Aunty Linda

Well Magdaroo…. ultimately you will pick the one that likes youuuuuu the best. Who cares if it dosen’t like strangers for a few, most cats really don’t just like everybody immediately. Pick the one you think is the best fit for the moment and like everyone else who’s been owned by a cat…suffer the consequences. Remember Missy….well your Mom says “she never liked that cat and she lived for 24 years…. Ya just never know. The cat I loved the best…Simon and who broke my heart died when he was just four.

Suffer the consequences of your choices… everybody else…..haha Big help aren’t I. Love you Mag.. Good Luck!!

5 06 2010

yeah it’s hard to say which likes me best I though it would be clear but after a couple of weeks.. meh they both are pretty huggy lovy
oh well c’est la vie…
Whatever Mom ALWAYS says she never liked this or that animal.. but she was the one in tears when missy finally kicked it… big liar. 😀 Which one was Simon? Did I know Simon.. hmm I miss Sammi he was such a big suck! I wish the black one was a Siamese 😀 I almost bought a Siamese kitten but I didn’t want to fork out the $500 for him

6 06 2010

you can have Nick

7 06 2010

Hey Sammy is still around and he’s still a funny dude. Scout passed away recently, he was my sweety. Simon was the siamese who went missing for two weeks was found again…someone had trapped him and dumped him on the other side of St. Albert. We found him again and a week later he was killed by a car….boo hoo. Come on Peg, you love Nikki……besides I’m not sure he could make the swim..hahaha

Love Aunty Linda

7 06 2010

oh yeah… lol scout was such a spazz.. he’s was so cross eyed I never really understood how he saw anything. But he was a cutie… yay sammi! he watch out he’ll pull a missy on you!

7 06 2010

right because he would love being cooped up in a little apartment… (eyeroll)

8 06 2010

LOL @ mom.

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