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1 06 2010

yeah yeah if you didn’t know already … now you do.  I’m a total game geek.  Anyway I wrote this big write up/recap of the games last Sunday and posted it on the game group page.

I know I haven’t posted anything in ages .. lol my Google ranking has even gone down (gasp!) but I have actually half written 1/2  dozen articles.  it’s just all about when I get around to finishing them (prison reform, children, 30 day challenges, etc).

Anyway since I spent all that time writing the gaming summary I’m posting the damn thing here!!! I actually got the idea from reading this other guy’s gaming blog (a friend of a friend online) I really liked how he did it.. so I pinched it!  Plus only people in the gaming group can read it… and I’m under a wonderful delusion that people like reading my crap :D.

Sunday May 30th 2010
@ the Witch House


Tarra & Todd finally roped me into a game of Agricola and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The action was continuous and only a little sitting on my thumbs waiting for my turn. Overall I felt it was a fun Game but it had some very time consuming mechanics. Tarra felt the game had sticky mechanics and was bitch to set up, but over all was just good clean fun. Todd felt that Agricola is frustrating and fun.

The Final Score was Magda (I won) 34 points, Tarra 32 points, Todd 29 points, Michelle 21 points.

Ratings out of 10
Magda 7.5
Tarra 7.2
Todd 8
(Didn’t get ratings or impressions from Michelle because she had to go early)

I had a few chances to play this one, and while it’s not a hugely deep or complicated game (which when I think about it is actually a point for it) it is very simple easy to set up and explain, and quite a lot of fun. Every time I play it I see new strategies, but I think I need to work on my short game I tend to focus on the long run.. which to be frank rarely even comes along. Tarra said the three player game is a little on the easy side, but the four player game is challenging and entertaining. Todd didn’t think much of the game after the first play but that he liked it more and more after each play. Rowan was playing for the first time, and said she didn’t really have much of an impression either way. We played twice.

The Final Score was Magda (I won) 61 points, Tarra 41 points, Todd 47 points.
Then Magda 49 points, Tarra 49 points, Todd (he won) 55 points, Rowan 41 points.

Ratings out of 10
Magda 8
Tarra 8.2
Todd 8.2
Rowan 7.5

Dixit 1 & 2
Every time someone pulls this game out I cringe. I want to like it, it has so much potential to be hilarious, other people seem to be having a fantastic time when playing, but I hate it. I suck at it and I can’t seem to get any better, seriously, I barely beat the dummy bunny (hangs head in shame). I partially blame my dislike of party games in general, but really it boils down to how badly I suck at it. Tarra likes this game, probably because the first time she played she walked all over us. She did add that she likes it better with the Dixit two expansion and it’s a good socializing game. Todd summed it up with ‘frothy’, and Rowan said it’s a fun creative and friendly game. (Really?? I swear I’m missing something)

The Final Score was Magda 10 points, Tarra 19 points, Todd (he won) 32 points, Rowan 30 points.

Ratings out of 10
Magda 4
Tarra 8.9
Todd 8
Rowan 8.5

Cheeky Monkey
Just a light little filler, which turned out to be somewhat amusing and evil. We played Twice but Rowan had to go early. The highlight of the entire game for me, was when Todd clutched his stack or critters and exclaimed “Don’t take me ‘roo”, hilarious. Tarra felt that it was a fun easy to learn game that was great for all ages. Todd said it’s a kid’s game, but that he really likes kid’s games. Rowan said it’s fun but plays better with more people.

The Final Score was Magda 11 points, Tarra 18 points, Todd 22 points, Rowan (she won) 33 points.
Then Magda (I won) 27 points, Tarra 20 points, Todd 22 points.

Ratings out of 10
Magda 6.8
Tarra 6.75
Todd 7
Rowan 7.8

It was late and we were getting pretty tired, but you know how it is with junkies, just one last hit. This was my second time playing this game and it made a whole lot more sense this time around. clearly as I won. Although I suspect Todd wasn’t really paying attention as he was teaching Tarra how to play, but I’m taking my victory anyway! Overall I think I quite like this game, I definitely like the low level of luck and multiple strategies that are possible (again I’m sure my win may have coloured my perception a skitch) Tarra said hu? but she was kinda falling out near the end there, and Todd said it’s elegance combined with inevitability (plus he just like destroying shit with volcanoes).

No scores, The first one to use up two types of buildings is the winner (me).

Ratings out of 10
Magda 8
Tarra 2 (harsh!!!)
Todd 8

See comment about Junkies above, sigh no control. I’ve played it a few times, essentially to me it’s just and easy little filler game. I’ll play but it’s nothing that I’m going to clap and squeal in excitement about. Tarra says it’s a good time killer game (then why the hell were we playing it all late at night!!) and Todd said that it’s a second tier card game.

The Final Score was Magda 23 points, Tarra 19 points, Todd (he won) 27 points.

Ratings out of 10
Magda 5.9
Tarra 6
Todd 6.5

gush.. I love playing games 😀



7 responses

1 06 2010
Eric Martin

YAY!!!! I LOVE SESSION REPORTS!!!!! Great games you played, too…

1 06 2010

YAY I didn’t know you read my blog!! yeah it was fun I love games.. I’m thinking I like Taluva

1 06 2010

This was a comment sent to me on the FB thing.. lol typical gamer!!

“Of course props for actually getting it done and posted. That said: I think that a one sentence summary of the game itself might clarify the commentary as a whole. Furthermore, I feel that you have tried for too much in the small amount of space that you have to work with. I believe that if you kept the narrative closer to yourself then it would be more entertaining and more informative. This means editing out the “other player” comments unless you can use them as a springboard for a retort of your own. I think mentioning who else was playing, their scores and their numerical rating of the game pretty much covers their involvement and provides enough “other” perspective. Overall I give it a 7.5 and would probably read it again.” Todd

5 06 2010

Hate games. My people all love board games, so I play, but I do not enjoy myself very much. Rarely, anyways. Especially Headbandz. Fucken HATE that game. Oh, and monopoly. Would rather shit in my own hand.

5 06 2010

NONONONO those are not games.. those are torturous attempts to suck your soul from your body. BOOOO Monopoly! My friend Eric (the eric from up there) named his blog Death to Monopoly! (you can clicky click on his name to get to it). REAL games are wicked good fun.. the problem is you’re too smart to be entertained by the horrifying stupidity of a game like Monopoly. 😀

8 06 2010

I accept your answer. lol

8 06 2010

I thought you might be able to 😀

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