Not a Pro Blogger…. Yet (Part 1)

3 09 2009

This post contains:

  • Some updates and information on blogging
  • usual Magda chit chat
  • Some links to interesting and relevant materials/people
  • Some of what I have learned so far about better blogging (at the end.. I wanted to move it to the beginning but it just didn’t work with the flow :D)
  • These are what I have found to be true, they are not rules.  If something doesn’t ‘work’ for you then don’t do it 🙂

Well I ever be? Perhaps.   I’m looking into it because my big goal right now is to get paid for the things I am already doing and like doing.  One of those things is my blog.


Side bar… completely ironic that I’m little miss bloggy pants as I only got my original blog under pain of smacking.  Tracey had one, as an alternative to emailing everyone while traveling, and it really is a better alternative.  You write it, and they come to read it, instead of slamming people’s in-boxes with massive email updates.  I was reluctant to say the least, but I started one because Tracey wanted me to.  There were huge fits and starts, I would blog for weeks and disappear for months… and look at me now!  (twirls around in a pink frilly dress).

In order to help me along with this, my friend Casey (miltownkid) showed me this link to a blog of a guy who is supporting himself with his blog.  He’s gone through all the info and sifted out what he found the most useful on his journey.  So far it’s been a pretty interesting read, (not done yet).

Anyway as I stated at the beginning, I’m not a professional blogger.  Technically I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’ve never been one much for technicalities.    Plus I do write a blog, pretty regularly, I read blogs and I have discussed these things with others.  Plus there are a few universal truths, things that most people find to be rather meh if you will.

Better Blogging 101

  • Try to be Consistent (people like to read things that update somewhat regularly.  That doesn’t mean everyday, but if you don’t update for two months do not be surprised if no one notices when you finally do .)
  • Titles, Headings, and subject lines. This goes beyond blogging, and into everything you write emails, blogs, articles everything.  Keep your heading short, and relevant, and witty if you can.  I’m not still not the best at this but at least I finally recognize the importance of it, ESPECIALLY when you are looking for something.
  • Write about what YOU want to, it’s your blog make sure what you write about interests you in some way, your readers can tell.
  • DO NOT use the word verifiers on your comments, only your dedicated friends will comment and even they will eventually get miffed and stop leaving comments.  Besides, they don’t actually work particularity better than the built in spam blockers.  Don’t irritate your readers.
  • Use Pictures. You don’t need picture or videos in every post, but they do add something.  People like pictures, it probably has something to do with stimulating the left side of the brain.  Or it could just be all those pretty colours.   In my opinion it’s more important to have a picture that is relevant in some way to your post rather than to include a picture just for the sake of having one.
  • Double check your links.  There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a link and it doesn’t bloody work.  Make sure it works properly, I like embedding them but that’s just my preference because I think it looks tidier.

Continued in part two ….



5 responses

3 09 2009

Wow, lots of info.

All I can say, in the eternal words of Garth:

“we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy”

Love you! Pro you go!

3 09 2009

Yeah I’m now wondering if I should have cut it up into two or three posts? hmm maybe I will still do that… now even lol

3 09 2009

thinking about doing a blogging seminar in november called ‘quit your day job’

3 09 2009

Oh yeah? There are a couple of sites you should check out, but that 279 day one definately (×5/overnight-success/) It is REALLY good, I haven’t finished reading it yet.. but that’s because I’m in the middle of something else.

I actually did quit my day job (morning Anyway) to focus on pro blogging and other such entrepreneurial things.

4 09 2009
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