WTF Scary wasp

23 05 2009

5May 23rd 007OMIGOD… so I came in from taking out the garbage and was horrified to find this in my room.. I was a huge was and squealed like a sissy… But I definitely won.. although the chemicals I used are making me dizzy.. so.. maybe I lost a little.. I definitely lost my dignity…

So I made this video and here is a link to the scary wasps and their freakiness




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24 05 2009

That is the BIGGEST FUCKING WASP I have EVER SEEN….. geez – I woulda been pretty freaked out myself (luckily I have a husband to send after such insects…) Bravo, Magdo, bravo!

24 05 2009

Shudder…. 😛

24 05 2009

holy crap dude! I would have just had to move to a new home.

24 05 2009

LOL… moving would have been slightly more effort… but only slightly 😉

25 05 2009

Hahahahaha, your video is priceless! I totally would have acted the same way! Ewwwwwww, i remember once seeing a spider that was bigger than my fist at the zoo in taiwan… it was carrying a small bird… BIRD!

26 05 2009


28 05 2009

shudder. gasp. horror.

28 05 2009

very appropriate!

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