Faux Christmas 2008

28 12 2008

So this year I was a little grumpy about Christmas but in the end it was pretty nice, several of the people who forgot to let me know they got my cards, got back to me in the last couple of days 🙂 .

Melissa, Jodie, Arden, Tom and our roommate Adam joined us for dinner last night. Tracey and I managed to get the turkey and dinner all prepared with minimal mishaps and injuries…. besides the potato slicing tragedy of 08.. (which we hilariously misnamed 09 in the video).

As per my usual MO I hadn’t had a shower or in anyway prepared myself for company, and everyone arrived right around the time that we had to take things out of the over and stuff… was madness, fun but madness. I popped in the shower quick while Tracey finished getting this ready, and then we had dinner. Dinner was awesome! I still find it wildly amusing when people are surprised by the stocking we use to put the stuffing in, how else do you do it? Besides How else do you triple the amount of stuffing you get in there?

There was some great stories and hilarities, during the dinner, and then after dinner we opened presents. I messed with one of Tracey’s presents, these awesome Chocolate Fudge Mint Cookies 🙂 you have to watch the video to see what I did. Then Mel opened her present, I got her a webcam and I’ll teach her how to use it next week. She’ll either not use it at all.. or it’s gonna be party time :D. While she was opening it, I almost died laughing at Jodie in the background going on about Arden’s willy… (gawd my friends).

After dinner we just hung out, drank and laughed ourselves silly. Then we started playing some kind of drinking game, one with cards that wasn’t very interesting and then this evil one with dice, and every time you get snake eyes you make a rule, by the time we gave up… the rules where no pointing, no first names, and we couldn’t say you, your, or any conjugation of the verb to drink. Seriously we were gesturing with our noses and elbows, (which I still think was cheating) and saying things like St James, needs to consume her beverage… Ruttan said the bad word… all while giggling like retards and failing to not say the ‘bad words’… I was laughing so hard at one point I really thought I was going to be sick…

Good times :).



6 responses

28 12 2008

Judging from the video it certainly was!

29 12 2008

Okay, the video is AWESOME! Even more so that I know the history leading up to the Great Christmas Cookie Caper of 08!

Looks like you have a great group of friends there, Mag. Loved the willy captions… wouldn’t have noticed the banter if you hadn’t have put those in.

My favourite line of all is Melissa when she opens the camera and says “A Career”!!! Seriously made me LOL.

30 12 2008

Yeah, the cookie thing was some of my best work… I know right I totally was dying.. I was like Jodie I’m making a Christmas video can you stop talking about cock for 1 min>?????

Yeah, mel is a silly goose.

31 12 2008

4 01 2009

Awww! The evil dice game was mine! 3-man! I’m glad a part of me has lived on in Taipei! 🙂

4 01 2009


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