Web: Shack up with the TV

29 12 2008

So I don’t know how many of you watch TV, I am assume most if not all. A friend of mine, the wonderful Melissa, found this site and told Tracey and I about it.

P I wish!

Not my Screen.. 😛 I wish!

The site is TVshack.net, and it has hundreds of shows and episodes to watch for free. To take full advantage you really need to have a fast internet connection, but other than that it works like a charm. You just cruise around looking for the show you want, clickity click and BAM.. you have showage!

Beats waiting for the shows to download.. most of the time anyway. Sometimes I prefer the files on the computer, the resolution is better when you download it. I have a pretty big ‘monitor’ and the picture’s a skitch ass when I blow it up. Plus I like watching (or more accurately watching out of the corner of my eye, and listening to) while I do other things on the computer/internet. Which is difficult to do when the video is in the browser you are using. 😛 I can obviously open them in another window… but.. meh .. resizing is a pain in the ass… using VLC media player is far more convenient.

Speaking of media players, I don’t know what you guys use but, I totally recommend trying out VLC media player. I like it because if it is genuinely a video file VLC will play it, if it doesn’t it’s probably some kind of bs file that is not your friend to be messing with. Also VLC has the awesome ability to circumnavigate all that STUPID region business on DVD’s. Speaking of.. that shit really irritates me… they do it on DVD’s and games and I just don’t understand why. I mean I know the ‘logic’ that is supposedly justifies it… but I think it’s a load of crap.

Well I stick my tongue out at you region coding assmunches! Bring it… There are all kinds of clever people out there who figure out ways around your dumb things… and I am acquainted with some of them… or I can just Google their results, voila! I must remember to post about Pandora 🙂 .. or wait .. did I already and I forgot about it? hmm



6 responses

29 12 2008

Yeah I hate the region coding too! It sucks when I come across a DVD and it won’t play where I live. Good luck in acquiring your material possession!

30 12 2008

Try using VLC, you can play anything on it 🙂

30 12 2008

I can’t get comfortable watching it on my computer. That something they need to perfect as well. I prefer watching on my TV laying out on my couch instead.

30 12 2008

What you need is a bigger monitor or a flat screen and move the computer 😉

1 01 2009

No I like where it is thank you!

2 01 2009


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