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16 04 2006

lol…. Not much has been up, and now that I’ve said will post way too much 😉

Well since Wed (Tracey and I went for dinner)

Basically Have just been working my face off… dead tired… bleh Thursday worked, watched TV, Friday worked, watched TV. Sat worked, watched TV then went to yoga (yeah fun.. hard but fun) Feeling much more confident about the wad of cash I dropped on Pure Yoga, I mean it;s worth it for the change room/showers alone. They have actually sprung for decent shampoo and stuff, they actually provide lotion and brushes, and unlimited towels… and the best part! The rain show.. seriously… If I ever remodel a bathroom.. I’m installing a rain shower.. they freaking rock! I wasn’t even that sweaty today, didn’t really need a shower.. but I took one just bc I love the freaking thing.. I may go in just to bathe! So yoga and Yoga place is officially so for GREAT! (kinda hurting today but that a diff story :P)

After Yoga we met up with my friend Jenn and a couple of friends of hers. Eve.. and wait for it… Steve.. yes I laughed out loud.. thank Christ they are just friends not dating bc that would be hideous! Anyway he plays on one of the professional ball teams (baseball) here, from the states, and seriously one of the most ‘normal’ cool fun people I have met here (no not jonesing, he’s married…. shut up bad friends… with kids…). Had a grad ole time being rediculas and stupid and just yucking it up like there was no tomorrow. I’m so much funnier when I’m around people who think I’m funny.. (odd that ;P). Any way Was cool meeting someone new to hang out with, too bad he doesn’t have much free time due to the baseball, and is leaving in J7une. But still a nice additive to my weekend. After Dinner Tracey and I went to see Tristan and Isdle (or something like that) about Briton and Ireland many moons ago, very tragic love story thing, but over all I rather enjoyed it. Then home to bed, bc we both had Yoga classes (diff) in the morning.

Today I woke up with my alarm and bc I’m such a Zombie in the morning … freaked out about how I was going to be late for my class. and rushed out of the house and burned it up to the studio, got there JUST before 10 sprinted up stairs locked up my stuff and sprinted into class. The whole class I kept thinking a) hmmm this hour long class sure feels like along time and b) It’s kinda warm in here, but hot like yesterday, and c) strange, I thought power yoga would have a lot different and more strength related postures than this, this is exactly the same thing we did yesterday in HOT yoga… So Was chatting with the teacher after class .. and it turns out.. I was in the hot class.. WHAT.. But I signed up for power 1.. hmm check out the schedule, and power 1 was at 1030, so I freak myself out at home about how I was going to be late was early and went to the wrong class.. GAH and all bc I’m a moron in the morning.. sulk.. oh well .. c’est la vie, or mine at any rate.

Went home chilled for a bit, and then went out to Games club. Now I’ll admit it I like playing games, they are loads of fun, but the dorkathons who go to games club (some not all, some are great people) are such pedantic twits, like this guy Nick sometimes he can be quite nice and reasonable, but he’s one of the people who mistakes himself for a bloody genius.. (he’s VERY NOT), and is such a ass that he gets into meaningless arguments with everyone… Got all pis at Tracey and then me.. and then Tracey then someone else all over retarded things… and god forbid you make a mistake bc clearly you are being evil, but if he does.. well everyone makes mistakes.. ‘god back off’…GRRRRRR I think my fav part was when he was being an ass yet again… and got all upset (bc he was seriously wrong) and was like well you don;t have to yell at me… everyone at the table raised and eyebrow or two and just stared at him…. I mean don;t get me wrong I can be loud, and I have been known to yell once or twice.. but I was SO not yelling in anyway, I wasn’t even a teensy bit upset.. he was.. lol.. I was so temped to screech like a banshee in his face and be like … dude .,.. that is yelling… this is talking.. just bc you’re and idiot and can;t take the fact that you’re not right doesn’t mean anyone is yelling at you pussy lips… I greatly dislike stupid people, But I really!!! REALLY can;t stand stupid jack asses that think they are smarter than everyone else. BAH… that’s all done now 😀 oh I got to play one of my games that I really like and I won for once too.. that was a nice surprise.

Rant finished 😉 bed time..




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17 04 2006

See it pays to bitch and complain… lol!!! what kind of games did you play, never heard of a “games club”. and what is with you running into people who think they’re the shit? It must be your life purpose to put people in their place… funny, it’s mine too!!! JUST kidding, don’t want those who are BETTER THAN THE REST OF US to get upset about that one, wait yes I do.

17 04 2006

chuckle… just need a little push.. i’m mad lazy… Games club is kinda geeky.. but fun.. just playing games board games all the crazy german games translated into English. They are more fun then they sound :), but some of the people who like to play them are jack asses….. and the jack asses don;t read this 😉 so I guess I’ll have to put them in their places in person .. chuckle..

18 04 2006

German board games like bohnanza? and settlers? I like those. LMAO that last paragraph means that you are the same Mag I know and love. Brings a tear to my eye, poor stupid guy doesnt even know hes stupid. Anyways good to see you still have the fire.


19 04 2006


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