Tickle me tuesday

11 04 2006

.. Dude today was the bitchenest sunny Day :D… unfortunately I had to work.. sigh.. but I did have most of the afternoon off..

Went to lunch with a friend, hung out and chatted for a long time, was nice, we haven’t had much opportunity to hang out lately. After lunch I decided to get some of that ‘I’ve been meaning to’ crap actually done, like renewing the insurance on my bike :P, and pay the phone bill before the fucker got cut off.. which would have the roommates down my throat as it would ax our ADSL. Decided to get my errands done Via roller blade bc well it’s just more fun that way :D, and damn, I know it’s partially bc It’s been so chilly lately but it was REAL warm today.. :). Hu…. I thought I had more to say.. or that I had done more today… hmm… funny how just doing a wee bit makes you feel so productive, ha maybe I’ll direct that concept at cleanin’ (prolly not though).

Oh, and ha .. had the best class today :D. My first class at sesame street (the rocket scientists) have been good lately and they are really smart so I don;t know what to do with them half the time bc they finish all their work twice as fast as the second class, but I have to keep them at the same pace because at the end of this semester they are taking the three classes that are all at this level (my two and one of Brian’s) and putting them together/ mixing them up into two classes… Hopefully one of which I will not have to teach.. Yeah me. 😀 oops but they might give me a brand new class .. yuck. I hate newbies.. well they are ok if they are smart and cool.. but more often than not they are thick like bricks.

Anyway the point is I was in a bitching good mood, and the weather was nice, so I took my class out to mcyucks for ice cream. (with permission even) impressed some locals with my killer smart class and hung out in McDonald’s eating ice cream and getting paid to do it 😀 😀 :D. And when we got back we played cards 😀 bc they are already ahead and I can;t teach them more … whee.. the only downer was my dumb ass class was after that and they can ruin an ice cream high in 5 seconds flat (assholes :(…)

In other news, I’m working too much again and it’s making me cranky, there is this stupid speach compitition at the school next door and of course because we always win, we mustn’t let our standing as the best be lost… bah which means I have to coach like 500 speaches. I guess it’s easy teaching but boring as hell and I don’t like it. Plus I have a couple of new kids they want me to tutor for a sec, plus I have to sub for Brian on sat. Again all easy stuff and easy money but I really don’t like working this much. The only reason I’m even doing any of it is in part favours, and in part trying to rack up some hours to make up for time I’ll be taking off when my mom comes (evey little penny helps).

hmm you given I though I had things to say .. and then ran out.. this is a pretty long post 😛




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12 04 2006

How old are the kids in your classes? I seriously can’t be around large numbers of children for more than five minutes, the noise just drives me nuts!!! I can’t even help out in haley’s kindergarten class, the thought of TEACHING in it would be enough to send me flying out the nearest window! anywho, hang in there, your mom will be there soon and you’ll be able to enjoy taking some time off without having to worry about money. you’ll have to tell your mom hi for me, i never got a chance to see her when we went to Smithers for christmas. I never got a chance to see a LOT of people!

12 04 2006

the class I took for ice cream are in grades one through three. all my other classes are kindergarten classes.. rangeing from k1-k3 (babies up to almost in elementary school).. I don;t know how I do it either they frive me nuts half the time ..a nd I’m ouber tired right now.. nap time .. for like 30 min

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