fuck you wordpress

13 12 2011

i just wrote an update.. and when trying to work out the new layout .. it deleted the whole thing not draft saved nothing…


fuck you very much wordpress .. dont’ know when i’ll have time again… sigh..

things are going well.. sorry I’ll try later this week.. grumble



6 responses

14 12 2011
Peg Vince

next time write it in word and copy paste love you glad its going well
love mom

14 12 2011

well the thing is… when i write it in the normal spot it saves it for me… but this time I tried this new thing they have .. not thinking.. my bad.. but still grr

9 01 2012

Sounds to me like WordPress fucked you! lol

13 01 2012


13 01 2012

You should blog or email or something so we know you’re alive and what’s going on with you 🙂

13 01 2012

I facebook you know I’m alive lol

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