Sparkle And Shine Party

1 04 2009

A week or two back.. (the night of embarrassment) Melissa and Jodie hosted a sparkle party.  And I made a little silly video, twas very amusing and I put the video up the other day… Episode 8 of the Magda and Melissa show 😀

You can watch it, on my youtube channel   or you can click on the read more and watch it here :0

6 Facts, facebook and pressies :)

25 09 2008

Ok I’ve had enough eveyone can stop bitching about the new Facebook now. Yes, I get it .. someone fukced with something you were very attached to and used to… most non tech people are big about facebook because you can only mess with it so much, thus there is a smooth format where you can know and find everything. And now it’s different. GET OVER IT. If you actually stop complaining for a min and take a look it’s actually much more organized and better for YOU the average user to navigate and find things. With all the applications and more to come it was just getting too damn messy, it’s growing and expanding and had to be cleaned up eventually. Well, I guess the time is now, everyone will get used to the new format or stop using it (seems little unlikely). Seriously though, have a look at it with an objective eye, I hated it at first too but it does make things easier to navigate. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it either (merely because I hate change and it make my butt pucker like a chipmunk eating a lemon), but I Read the rest of this entry »

Taipei is floating away!

14 09 2008

Well it’s isn’t, yet… but seriously if the island was ever going to sink or float off. Seems like now would be the time it’s been absolutely pouring rain for 3 days straight, with no end in site today, or tomorrow or could even go to Tuesday.

Honestly there has been much more exciting things in the way of flooding in the city, once all my friends came to my house because they didn’t’ have power and I lived on a hill so my house was dry and had lights. 😀 that wasn’t even a Typhoon.. just a really long rain storm and some bad drainage.

I went out to the park to check it out and took some video, but then the rain really picked up again so I went home. Here is what I got before the rain got too heavy. I wish I could go film now, as it’s been ages since I was out and it’s been shitting rain ever since, but it’s dark and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Oh well 🙂 Although one good earthquake right now and the whole country would probably land/mudslide right into the ocean…. eep

Here is my video:

ha and here is one from yesterday.. actually I have 3 or 4 more but I’m saving them… plus the 7 blog posts that are written or have started to be written and are saved as drafts 😀 The things that happen when you are trapped inside, and are ‘off’ TV…

Testing testing 123…

11 09 2008

I’m just messing around with this at the moment but might be moving my whole blog over here …. if I can ever figure out how that is. 🙂

Lets see if adding a pic and video is as easy as I hope!

This is from the Dino house interesting little place (big) to chillax and drink.

This is from the Dino house interesting little place (big) to chillax and drink.

hmm that was ok.. now for the video (fingers crossed)

That doesn’t feel right will post and see what it does…. why delete when you can strike through?!? 😀