Showing off your tremendous dick is inappropriate in class!

20 12 2008

tardo parkingThe other night, I went to see Twilight. Wasn’t a bad movie, wasn’t great but it was entertaining. It still had nothing on the classic, The Lost Boys, man that movie rocked! We all had dinner together at Bongo’s and then went to the film. After the movie I gave Amanda ride home, and when I dropped her off we had a great giggle at this tool who pulled up on the cross walk no where near the curb… and just hopped out of the car leaving it hanging out into the intersection.

Is that a dick in your pants?So last night I was at editing and this kid wrote and awesome, yet wildly inappropriate essay. The picture that they were meant to use to write the story from is right here. The ‘splash’ marks, or at least that’s what I think they are supposed to be, look a bit wrong to me too .. but I wouldn’t have been ballsy enough to write something like this in my English class .. lol.

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