Racisim Rules!

6 09 2009

I pretty much lost a friend (will post about that in a couple of days) over this, which sucks.  But then again he clearly wasn’t a very good friend in the end anyway so meh.

whos-the-racist2So this guy was complaining about how people on Facebook ruined this UFC fight for him, and I commented on him being a whiny baby.  Just jokes (and he was cranky.. but whatever).  One of his friends made some crack about .. “watch out, bitter white chick.  Be careful.”  That shit pisses me off.. seriously there are loads of bitter white chicks in Taiwan, and I’m not one of them.  Even I think they are a little scary and spastic. I replied with something about his winning the ignorant ass award for the day, and he said ” I rest my case”.

This promoted me to send him a PM, because he’s a fucktard and I don’t fight publicly on FB.  That and I thought it would be good for a giggle to see what this ignorant piece of sputum had to say.  Totally WAS.

This is what I sent him:

So what’s this case that you’re resting? That you’re an ignorant racist jerk? Because that is how you came across to the public eye right there.

You realize you’re whiter than I am… and while I do not know you and do not presume to… how long have you lived in Taiwan? How are you’re Chinese skills? While you’re ignorant comments incline me to make certain presumptions about you I would at least give Read the rest of this entry »