Where have all the weevils gone?

19 02 2009

I’m avoiding my life and avoiding talking about it.. ( there is nothing much to talk about other than I have a bad temper).

On to the weevles!

So I have become a popcorn junkie I pop it myself because I don’t want an entire bag .. that I heard a rumor that the butter stuff in there is like cancerous or something (it’s a rumor I heard about something bad and I’m not in the mood nor am I inclined to research as I don’t really care :P).. My popcorn kernels chill in the pretty tall blue glass container on the counter top.

A little while back Tracey made a crack about weevils ( they love chillin’ in my rice), and I mentioned how it was funny but I’d never seen them in there. Now let’s get something clear… weevils so don’t stress me out. I mean in the rice.. I couldn’t really care less, honestly, they amuse me… besides they float so Read the rest of this entry »