Hong Kong the Second

13 08 2010

Sigh, as usual life gets in the way of me getting on top of writing.. here is my trip from Hong Kong, Check back  later to see if I’ve added pictures.. or more pictures anyway.

Another weekend in Hong Kong

How’s about a general update plus details about this weekend?  Since all my other writing projects seem to be living in the land of limbo, actually I’ve written a bunch of stuff, but none of it is done yet.

Anyway, this weekend I ended up going back to Hong Kong for some fun and silliness.  My flight got in late Wednesday night, Gabs and I had a bit of a gossip before heading to bed for the night.  We ended up getting up all early to go out on a junk boat for the day, which had a lot of potential to be fantastically fun.  But unfortunately the people on the boat where kinda douchy, some might suggest that they were that way because they were French ;).  Mostly it just wasn’t very social outside of their own comfort level.

I had brought Gabs a Canada flag towel and we brought it on the boat, and several people made obnoxious comments about it.  Luckily Gabby can hold her own and had no problem telling them off because it was Can Read the rest of this entry »