F-ing TSA

26 11 2010

(this started as a reply to a comment and took on a life of it’s own.. ooops) I guess a huge part of my point that I also should have mentioned in the original post is the whole inappropriate touching.  Like a teacher hugging a student back home is GASP horrible, which by the way, I do everyday because human beings need love and affection.

In Canada and the US I would at least be fired, at worst put in jail for child abuse.   Yet as k my boss, or the kids or their parents if they feel anything inappropriate is happening between myself and my students and the answer would be a resounding NO.  The older kids who still hug me regularly, do so because they love me and enjoy having someone they are close enough to that they can hug and express their affection.  The younger ones would hug a mouse if it held still long enough.  (this is a whole other ball of wax of things that blow my mind)  How is a hug, or pat on the shoulder inappropriate, but someone rooting about in your goodies is ok because someone somewhere MIGHT have something.  It boggles me.  We’re so obsessed with keeping everyone safe we want to box them up in mice padded little packages and never let them out… then we’ll all we safe.  Dead and soulless, but dang nab it .. we’ll be safe!

Perhaps if I put it this way you might be able to relate with my perspective more, or perhaps not (shrug).  But when I was younger ie teen (younger being relevant because if someone said it now I’d smack them) someone told me that I was dressed too sexily and I was asking to be raped by walking around like that.  As a young person it really got me thinking, I mean I should be afraid of rape.  And as a woman not wanting to be raped I don’t want to bring it on myself, dressing provocatively means you’re asking for it.  So if it happens then it’s your fault. Now if you agree with this line of logic.. blink blink… but hell more power to you.  But I don’t see many really feeling that is quite right. I think a man or a woman should be able to walk around stark naked with damn bells on their nipples (ok I don’t because I’m a prude) but the point is they aren’t fucking asking to be raped by doing it.

So how does this relate?  Because, living in a constant state of fear, and curbing our normal behaviours to stop some potential (and extremely improbable) threat is ridiculous.  And even worse allowing others to take away our rights and privacy that we as westerners value so much and have fought so hard for.  To just hand it back over to the powers that be because we’re afraid of the boogie man is insane.   

And it just keeps getting worse, now women wearing menstrul pads as ‘hiding’ things in their groin area so even if you submit to the scan you’ll be molested.  And the fear is Tampons will be even worse.  Imagine that excuse me mam, I need to remove this unidentified object to make sure you’re not a terrorist toting a bomb on board in your cooch. http://www.prisonplanet.com/sanitary-towel-prompts-tsa-to-grope-sexual-assault-victim.html

I”m fully aware there are bigger and better things going on in the world right now … but this pisses me off.  And it’s my blog so I’ll bitch about what I want to.

PS.. did you know I’m blocked in China.. what fun! wonder which post I wrote got me in their sights.  (pats self on head)

Who’s the real Terrorist?

25 11 2010

interestingly… my sister commented on the ‘don’t touch my junk site’ about how she’d rather be felt up and molested than blown up in the sky by a terrorist.

While I respect her right to her opinion mine differs greatly.

Definition of TERRORISM

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion


noun \ˈter-ər, ˈte-rər\

: a state of intense fear
a : one that inspires fear : scourgeb : a frightening aspect <the terrors of invasion>

I’d rather not be abused, mistreated and pretty much sexually assaulted when it doesn’t actually prevent anything.  If it was the only way to be sure you were safe and was totally effective sure, but it’s not.  And as someone who has been subjected to abuse in airports by TSA agents.

I’m enraged (well as much as I really can be being the mellow burger I usually am) at this current ‘attempt’ to keep us safe.  Safe from what?  What the heck are the requirements for being a TSA agent anyway?  Because as far as I can tell it’s the guys who were rejected from the police force most of the time.    Oh good Mall cops with a superiorety complex fantastic.

I’d rather be blown up than be kept safe in a way that completely denies me the right to my own body.   And that’s from someone who has never been raped, imagine how the millions of woman who have been feel.  It’s too god damn far, they have machines that detect the most minute amounts of explosive residue, bomb dogs and metal detectors.  You don’t need to give me cancer or molest me to make sure I’m not up to anything shady.  Why not use those millions of dollars for training the TSA agents properly?  Hopefully this is the straw that will break the camel’s back.

You ARE not safer due to this.  It’s garbage and people are allowing their fear, which is driven by the media and American Government,  desire for someone else to take the responsibility and hold their hand, absolutely too far.

I fly frequently, and molesting people, or taking naked radioactive scans of their bodies doesn’t make me feel safe.  Security personnel that are professional and alert, who take their job seriously and don’t abuse their power make me feel confidant.

My body is nobody’s body but mine.  I don’t give a shit who you are, even the police are not permitted to touch you in this way.   If I could I would join the legal suits.

The water thing was stupid, but this is too far.