Life would be so much simplier

25 03 2012

If only I could just ‘settle down’ and want what most people want. Perhaps we’re all doomed to secretly long for something we don’t or can’t have, I don’t really believe that. But I also don’t think it should be this complicated or difficult. Le sigh.

Seriously though, while out I was thinking how much simpler my life would be if I wanted the things that I am ‘supposed’ to want. Such as: kids, a husband, a house with a yard and garage, a normal settled down family life.… yadda yadda. The whole prospect bores me to tears. I genuinely dislike children, and honestly in spite of those who go on about biological clocks, as I get older I’m even less enchanted with rug rats. I freely admit I like kids in certain doses, but it seems I also like it if it’s regulated like with teaching. I’m disgustingly fond of the majority of my students, but just hanging out all day with people’s kids drives me bananas… Like here for example, because I’m often the girl in the group the kids usually come to me and yammer at me in French. What? Hu? Don’t bloody mumble… no you can’t use my computer, which I have already told you 15 times. God what do you want now… I don’t know where your damn toys are go look for them yourself. Oh so go to the car and get them… why the hell do I have to go with you.. turn on the light.. or how about ask your father… yes that guy over there … JESUS WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW… go away… You know I think most old people are just pretending to be deaf so they don’t have to listen to you. (lol none of this is my boyfriend’s kid, he’s a whole different can of worms).

I do not want kids. Let me repeat that for the slow among you. I do not … in anyway want to procreate, rip my bits asunder having a baby, just to be tied… pretty much forever to someone who I may grow to hate. That’s another thing I don’t get… people usually think long and hard before getting married, well some do anyway. But they don’t give it’s a moment’s thought before having a kid with someone. Um hello, at least with marriage if it turns out to be a grievous error you can Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Island Blurb

17 02 2010

I don’t really have a load of time right now… and even if I did I wouldn’t wanna spend it roasting in here on the computer in front of the dusty fan :D.

I’m gonna do this point form.. if I forget to flesh it out later… cope.

  • forgot to pack until the last min, thus forgetting many obvious things I should have brought such as a bathing suit bottom and running shorts… (had all the tops just no bottoms…)
  • Forgot what Traffic was like the week before Chinese New Year, left too late for the airport and for all intensive purposes I should have never made my flight (I rocked in at 7:35, for and 8pm international flight, the gate was long closed)
  • Spent the first two days in Thailand saying over and over… I can’t believe I made my flight
  • One day in Bangkok will Mel and Tracey, did some shopping… found some new comfy pants for work 😀
  • Worst train ever down south… followed by evil bus, harrowing taxi ride to the Ferry which we caught with exactly 2 mins to spare (trend?)
  • Boat, taxi, hotel. Spent two days on Chwang beach… went dancing and drinking saw some fake ladies dance.
  • Pitched a bit of a fit because someone not me obviously, was off getting chatty and missed the taxi back and they had the damn key to the hotel.
  • Taxi to Lipanoi beach, goodness me yawn.  Chilled for two days then the wedding, very pretty but quite short.  Then buffet dinner (yum), loads of drinking and debauchery to follow.
  • Decided my favourite lee was the youngest one 😀 almost died laughing when the parents stole everyone’s clothing and everyone had to slink up the beach naked and ask for some towels.  (ha ha I had my swim suit!)
  • Highlights of the evening… Jem walking up in a thong, and cooly ordering a sex on the beach, Chris naked as a jaybird saying what was I meant to do? Your mum stole my (under)pants!  And then the parents, knocked his naked ass over and rolled him (naked still) through the sand like a sugar doughnut, everyone naked in the pool ordering drinks and dancing about in the water.
  • Trek back to hotel with Meagan, sleep for about 1 1/2 hours to wake up to Meagan snuggling up.. um hello.  Drag asses out of bed and off to the ferry to Phangnang.   Almost piss myself at yet another Epic Meagan tale.
  • Find a spot to stay for the night, rent a bike and go exploring… end up on horrid dirt road and then (not driving) the bike fell on me… foot crushed underneath me screaming man down man down.
  • Found a cheap place on Had Rin, moving there today.
  • Took bike back…. and he told us need to pay 7500 bhat for the little scratches from the bike falling on my foot.  You’ve got to be kidding.  He felt he had something by having my passport I told him I didnt’ give a shit I’d get a new one.  We settled on 2000 bhat which was FAR too much but was better than all the other possible hassle.
  • Got nummy nums from a bakery.. got on computer wrote this garbage… and now off to another beach.. ta for now

I actually do ‘plan’ to fill in the gaps and the funny stories and follies…. but we’ll see what actually happens