Tourist in the GTA

5 08 2009

So I’ve been in Toronto for a few days now, and so far it’s been pretty cool.  Picture 001The train ride up from London was a riot, Timmy and I were being Captains of silly the whole time.  We arrived in TO where Ken picked us up and took us to his place, where a bunch more people from Taiwan (James, Ariel, Oz and JR) were and we had an evening of sitting about chatting and drinking.  I was very fun, but very weird at the same time.

Picture 027We went to Carabana, this Caribbean festival with a shiny parade, full of good times! Actually we just jumped the fence and joined the parade.. hoooray but I think I hurt my footsies :(.

I got a little shopping done (ok just MEC) met up with Emma, and went to a BBQ, we tried to go out to party on Sat night but it ended up being a bit of a bust, ah well.  Lunch with Emma was really nice, I really quite miss her, she is a really lovely person with great energy (even when she’s grumpy bumpy).

After lunch I walked all over just checking things out and wandered my way down to the CN tower, I took my time and ended up there are a reasonable hour to catch sunset.  In my usual fashion I made friends with people in line, in the elevator, at the snack machine… tee hee you know me!  I hung out at Picture 071the tower and got some decent pictures, then a friend picked me up at the tower (side note.. I felt so damn bad, he showed up and i got stuck in a line to get down so he ended up waiting like 20 mins for me at the base of the tower!!! ).  We went for a late dinner and drinks, which was really fun, but I was tired and my feet were killing me so he took me on a little driving tour and then home.

Tuesday I did almost nothing, just resting and chilling out from the day before (god I’m such a pansy!).  Erik called and as I mentioned we went for dinner and drinks, and he drove me to the falls Wed morning.  I got to Niagra around 10:30 11 and just wandered around for a bit, eventually I went Read the rest of this entry »