Tipping the Nation

29 08 2009

What is a ‘Tip’?  According to Wikipedia it’s a gratuity made to service people in addition to the cost of the product (or something like that).

Well you know what I think a Tip is?  A pain the the ASS.

tip-jarDon’t get me wrong I used to be a server, (waitress) I’ve lived for my tips, and I STILL think the whole thing is BS!  At least the way things are now in North America.  Now, I’m more than willing to admit that I’ve become a lot more conscious of my cash flow now that I Track all my money (more on that in another post).  Also living in Asia where tipping isn’t really part of the culture has definitely given me a little ‘perspective’ on the whole issue.

Service in Taiwan sucks, not always and not as a rule, but generally speaking you can expect to be ignored and a great deal of apathy from your server.  While that can be annoying, it’s also a little liberating.  I like that I can just shout “OYE, MISS” to get the girl’s attention with no fear of Read the rest of this entry »