So What Is It Then?

1 05 2010

I’ve been thinking about it… and this whole being specific about what you want is.. well to put it frankly .. bull shit.

I have thought about it lately.  And recently I had an epiphany.

At the urging of several people I know, authors I respect, just trying to figure things out etc.  and a while back I wrote this post [Dear Universe] trying to detail what it is I want.  The other day I was thinking about it… and I realized everything I wrote was total BS, I mean sure these things may or may not be important to me but is it really, I mean REALLY what I want?

Sure, but to be honest when I wrote it, I was grasping at straws.  I didn’t know what to write so I forced myself to write something.  Everything says you need to be as specific as you can, and I tried to do that, but the reality is specific doesn’t mean shit if it isn’t right.   It was right, it is true.. but is it what  I really want?

I wrote another post about [getting what you want] which honestly when I went back a read it, I thought damn this girl knows what she’s talking about.  (Isn’t that a fricken laugh).  Well remember step one?  Yeah.. making lists about things you kinda maybe want because you need to make the list isn’t really the sa Read the rest of this entry »

Getting What You Want: 3 Easy Steps

22 09 2009

Step one:  Figure out what it is you really want.

Sounds easy right?  Pfft, totally isn’t at least not in my experience.  And honestly I think this is the number one thing that hold people back.  I could just write this WHOLE post about this and leave it at that.  I won’t but I could.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has an ‘idea’ of what it is they want.  You might even be really specific, but how many times have you wanted something and not gotten it.  A lot?  Well then, are you sure that’s what you really wanted?  Dig deep, hindsight is super clear.  Can you see all the little ways you ham-stringed and sabotaged yourself?  Did you change your mind a hundred little times, never moving in any clear decisive direction?

Sit down and write it out, what is that you want?  In great and clear detail.  BAM

Step Two: Take Action

Well duh, if I want it obviously I’m going to try to get it.  Oh yeah… REALLY??  How many times have you thought I want (a better paying job, to travel, a nicer boy/girlfriend, more free time, to get in better shape, lose weight.. the list goes on)?  Well if you thought it and then did it.. I have no idea why you’re reading this right now other than for the melodious sound of my imaginary voice in your head.

Obviously you have to take action, yet we often don’t.  Why?  Well see above, perhaps you don’t Read the rest of this entry »