Little Stories: Nick with pants

5 08 2010

So when I was in Thailand, the night was silly and kinda lame but it made a turn for the better when I met this cool dutch girl.  And some, apparently, very famous dutch comedian a bunch of crazy brits.. quite a few random fun people.  At this one point I was chatting with this one guy and some dude went flying by and started acting like a monkey, literaly.  It was funny and the guy I was talking to me dared me to say hi to the monkey guy, but I had to say ‘Hi monkey boy’.

So I did, we ended up having a fun little chat.  He shakes my hand, introduces himself as Nick, and then promptly whips his pants off.

o.O I had enough ridiculous maleness for the night.. (that’s a different story) so I just turned around and walked away.

I did look back and saw he was wringing them out, and it occurred to me that he might have just come out of the ocean but still.  I mean hi, my name is nick.. WHIP no pants.

So I’m off talking to Eva, and he bounds up with pants on this time, and insists on a do over.

So he says, “Hi, I’m Nick-with-pants, you may have met my twin brother a few minutes ago he’s a bit of dick, his name is Nick-without-pants.  But don’t worry he’s gone and he won’t be bothering you anymore.  I on the other hand am a really nice guy, I appologize for his behaviour.”

Much giggling and laughter ensues, while he’s promising that Nick-without-pants won’t be coming back.. he said”wait unless he’s invited back”  Of course I’m laughing my butt off at this point, so I told him he I liked Nick-with-pants but if he was nice.. maybe Nick-without-pants might be invited back.

It was a really funny night. Not too much later everyone went home for the night, but I stayed out to dance a little longer so one of the boys gave me their flashy devil horns.

😀  That’s my little story, I have so many funny little ones like this .. I though maybe I’d share a couple here and there 😉

Where have all the bloggers gone??

7 03 2010

I use google reader.  And there is nothing it read, even the pro bloggers have been slacking lately.  I know that I sure have been slacking.  So what ‘s my excuse?  Lack of inspiration, nothing to say?  Yeah.. right… have you met me?

Chatty Cathy here always has something to say… so what’s the deal.. It’s not like I’ve been hella busy, or even kinda busy for goodness sakes.  But I have been sick.. I hate being sick.  I’m a freaking Whiny ass biotch when I’m sick and I all I want to do is bitch moan and sniffle about how my nose hurts.. I’m sicky poo poo, I’m getting fat because I can’t go do anything for fear of making the sickies worse… blah blah world’s smallest violin playing just for me.

So what have I been up to since Chinese new year.  Not writing about the trip.. or anything that’s for damn sure.  I used to pull out the laptop and typy typy in bed till I got sleepy and then toss it on the floor, lights out.  I used to write in my happy thoughts Journal every night… I haven’t done it in weeks…  oh it’s on the nights stand by the bed but I’m sick whiny and can think of nothing positive…. no you know what that isn’t even it.  I just don’t care.  I’m sick, lethargic and pissed about it.  I just want to feel better.  I was starting to feel good went for a lovely bike ride and promptly got sick again.. fuck you world!

On a less bitchy note.  I went to games today and not only where Sandy and Tarra there but, Wayne who comes up all the way from TaiJung to play was there too plus this guy I ran into at a restaurant and invited to come play actually showed up too.  So we ended up having a nice little 5-4 some (Sandy leaves early).  Got a good game of Blue moon city and Puerto Rico in… W00T.  And now I look wistfully at my games on the shelf.

In other news, my new roommate is very nice.  Seems like a pretty good, cool guy even though we don’t hang out much (diff work schedules, and I’m a recluse in my room).

Total side note… I hate it when my built-in browser spell checker fails to catch things and lets me publish my blog with my jacked up spellings of words… stupid computers.

Ok I’m done.  Sorry I have been epic fail on the blogging front… I promise to try harder…  I have no idea who the heck reads all this bs I write but there seem to be people actually doing it… 😀 that tickles me.  I honestly assume it’s just mom, sis and a couple of friends from back in the day  (it was a Tuesday, the day that is.. did you know that?) most of the time.

Ok bed time.  No more sickies… I demand it.

Thailand 2010

27 02 2010

I always find that after going on a holiday that one or two songs kinda stick out for me as the songs of that trip.  They continually remind me of the fun times or things.  They are usually shitty dancy pop songs.. so suck it up!!

Anyway I thought everyone always wants to see your pictures from a holiday but no one wants to slog through 8000 boring pictures of the exact same thing.  So I tried to pic out my favourites (being my holiday I get to pick) and put it to a song or two.

This silly TikTok dancy song played at the beach bars a few times and it always made we want to dance and bounce about.  Unfortunately I didn’t take many picture on this trip.. Tracey did give me some more after I got back but I didn’t feel like redoing the whole thing, it is a surprisingly large amount of effort to put together.

So here is what I put together, hopefully youtube isn’t a bitch and takes it down… whatever if they do I’ll just host it myself 😀

Hope you like it 🙂

PS, the movie the invention of lying is a really cute movie.

Quick Island Blurb

17 02 2010

I don’t really have a load of time right now… and even if I did I wouldn’t wanna spend it roasting in here on the computer in front of the dusty fan :D.

I’m gonna do this point form.. if I forget to flesh it out later… cope.

  • forgot to pack until the last min, thus forgetting many obvious things I should have brought such as a bathing suit bottom and running shorts… (had all the tops just no bottoms…)
  • Forgot what Traffic was like the week before Chinese New Year, left too late for the airport and for all intensive purposes I should have never made my flight (I rocked in at 7:35, for and 8pm international flight, the gate was long closed)
  • Spent the first two days in Thailand saying over and over… I can’t believe I made my flight
  • One day in Bangkok will Mel and Tracey, did some shopping… found some new comfy pants for work 😀
  • Worst train ever down south… followed by evil bus, harrowing taxi ride to the Ferry which we caught with exactly 2 mins to spare (trend?)
  • Boat, taxi, hotel. Spent two days on Chwang beach… went dancing and drinking saw some fake ladies dance.
  • Pitched a bit of a fit because someone not me obviously, was off getting chatty and missed the taxi back and they had the damn key to the hotel.
  • Taxi to Lipanoi beach, goodness me yawn.  Chilled for two days then the wedding, very pretty but quite short.  Then buffet dinner (yum), loads of drinking and debauchery to follow.
  • Decided my favourite lee was the youngest one 😀 almost died laughing when the parents stole everyone’s clothing and everyone had to slink up the beach naked and ask for some towels.  (ha ha I had my swim suit!)
  • Highlights of the evening… Jem walking up in a thong, and cooly ordering a sex on the beach, Chris naked as a jaybird saying what was I meant to do? Your mum stole my (under)pants!  And then the parents, knocked his naked ass over and rolled him (naked still) through the sand like a sugar doughnut, everyone naked in the pool ordering drinks and dancing about in the water.
  • Trek back to hotel with Meagan, sleep for about 1 1/2 hours to wake up to Meagan snuggling up.. um hello.  Drag asses out of bed and off to the ferry to Phangnang.   Almost piss myself at yet another Epic Meagan tale.
  • Find a spot to stay for the night, rent a bike and go exploring… end up on horrid dirt road and then (not driving) the bike fell on me… foot crushed underneath me screaming man down man down.
  • Found a cheap place on Had Rin, moving there today.
  • Took bike back…. and he told us need to pay 7500 bhat for the little scratches from the bike falling on my foot.  You’ve got to be kidding.  He felt he had something by having my passport I told him I didnt’ give a shit I’d get a new one.  We settled on 2000 bhat which was FAR too much but was better than all the other possible hassle.
  • Got nummy nums from a bakery.. got on computer wrote this garbage… and now off to another beach.. ta for now

I actually do ‘plan’ to fill in the gaps and the funny stories and follies…. but we’ll see what actually happens