Dining: Thai Station In Taipei

16 12 2008

Yeah, I’m totally loving this lunching thing. Went for lunch with Amanda (prettiest girl in da world … lol since I claimed I said that on my blog and now it’s true!), and Rob at this great little Thai place on the corner of Hsin Yi and Xing Sheng last Thursday.

The name is a little confusing one sign says Thai Discovery, another sign (this is the name I know it as) Thai Station. I need to go back and get the card so I can add it here.

Almost everything on the menu is around 100nt ($3.50 ~ CAD), green curry, shrimp cakes yum yum. It’s pretty simple and basic stuff but everything is delicious and it’s all pretty inexpensive. I actually I forgot about this place, until Rob Read the rest of this entry »