Gaming in Taipei

1 06 2010

yeah yeah if you didn’t know already … now you do.  I’m a total game geek.  Anyway I wrote this big write up/recap of the games last Sunday and posted it on the game group page.

I know I haven’t posted anything in ages .. lol my Google ranking has even gone down (gasp!) but I have actually half written 1/2  dozen articles.  it’s just all about when I get around to finishing them (prison reform, children, 30 day challenges, etc).

Anyway since I spent all that time writing the gaming summary I’m posting the damn thing here!!! I actually got the idea from reading this other guy’s gaming blog (a friend of a friend online) I really liked how he did it.. so I pinched it!  Plus only people in the gaming group can read it… and I’m under a wonderful delusion that people like reading my crap :D.

Sunday May 30th 2010
@ the Witch House


Tarra & Todd finally roped me into a game of Agricola and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The action was continuous and only a little sitting on my thumbs waiting for my turn. Overall I felt it was a fun Game but it had some very time consu Read the rest of this entry »