Book: Influence, Science and Practice

15 12 2008

I don’t often talk about the books I read… likely due to the fact that they are often pure fluffy drivel. I’m going to state here and now… I love my fluffy garbage books Science and influenceand I won’t apologize for it. Personally I great dislike all those ‘great classics’, war and peace , a tale of two cities BLEH! But many people enjoy them and find them to be extremely educational and stimulating, I like dragons, each to their own. {shrug}

Recently I have been reading this book I got while I was in the states, called Influence, Science and Practice [Amazon link and review], the title kinda sums it up really. It basically goes into what influences us to make the decisions we make, why we fall for it every time, how to use it on others and how to avoid being influenced yourself. Most of it is just natural response, as he explains at the beginning of the book all species of animals have things that they respond to automatically and humans are not immune. You might think, but people are Read the rest of this entry »