The Art of Failure

10 12 2010

Being afraid of failure is STUPID . (<— I should write the book)

Success is 99% Failure - HondaI freely admit I am a moron.  I’m am terrified of failure, coupled with my shrieking fear of change I’m nigh on crippled half the time.  The other half I just rock and stare at the wall praying it will all go away now, it never does you know.

You wouldn’t think it, (or maybe you would) but I really am.  And that’s with my knowing why it’s stupid to be worried about failure.  But obviously I don’t KNOW it.  I know on some intellectual, theoretically level but it’s not part of who I am, yet!  I mean look at the whole, quit my morning job business.  Scary, but then what did I do with the whole thing?  And then I was deliberating over that whole online course I was taking, now I’m just sorta floating around trying to choose a direction to move in.

Why?  What’s the big hold up?  I’m smart, I know how to do things, I’m extremely good at most thing when I put my mind to it.  Hell I’m good at them when I don’t even put my mind to it.  What is it that’s holding me back from…. taking over the world ( 😀 per-say)?

Fear, mind boggling terror.  Of what?  Failure.  That’s right, I’m a moron.  I’m completely freaked that I’m going to try to do something, loose a bunch of money, make some horrible mistake and look like a fool.  Really what do I care?  No offense but I don’t really care what ‘people’ think, so what the hell is my problem?

Here I am, telling you, how stupid it is to be afraid to fail.  Hypocrite!!

Well, screw it! Hypocrite or not, I’m telling you all (and myself) to stop it.  Stop holding yourself back, reach as far as you can.  So what if you fall on your face, get back up and reach again. k8132 If all you ever do and try is what you’re confidant of, you will never even come close to reaching any kind of potential.  You will be like everyone else, mediocre, average, CRAP!!!

Well, what’s the art then?

Do you have to fail?

That’s pretty much it, isn’t it?  You need to stop being scared, and the only truly effective way I know to stop being Read the rest of this entry »

I ponder, why bother?

20 07 2010

Have you ever done everything you could? Or at least felt or that you did? If it all went to crap does it make you feel better or worse?  If you didn’t give it your all there is the self flagellation about how if you had just tried harder, if only you had made more effort perhaps you wouldn’t be such a  failure.  But on the other hand…. if you do give it your all, pour in your heart and soul and you still fail.  Then you’re just a failure, all that business about if you just tried hard enough, applied your self and you could achieve anything is bullshit.

So what are the options?  You fail because you don’t apply yourself?  Or you Fail because you just aren’t good enough?

They both seem pretty bullshit to me.  Then it taints the whole world of success too, what does it mean when you succeed?  Is it because you really went for it?  Or just blind luck?

Some say that if you throw your all in it then you can be consoled in that you tried your best and thus it’s not your fault.  But I think that’s worst, your best wasn’t good enough.. what a bummer.

No wonder all I want to do is lay on the beach 😛

Why do you meet them?

8 01 2009

You know those people, the ones that you meet that do something that just seems to confirm all those horrible and frustrating things that keep happening.  Like those perfect jobs, that other people seem to have or get but those opportunities just don’t come to you.  Or those great guys you meet that either are dating someone else, or aren’t interested in you.

Now you could look at these kind of things many ways but I think the natural tendency is to see them as defeats.  Constant reminders of the things that we can’t or don’t have.   How things just don’t work out for us.

I had a thought the other day.. why can’t they be omens to bring us hope?  Like that great job opportunity that you heard about that didn’t get or just missed.  Or that guy that you met, who totally surprised you.. meeting requirements that you were looking for that you thought didn’t even exist in real people, and then wasn’t interested.  The perfect project that you would have really succeeded at that you didn’t complete.

I think from now on I’m going to choose the later perspective.. seems to leave more room for happiness and opportunities 🙂

Just my little random thought for the day :).