Chinese Proficiency.. sigh

11 09 2010

Well that’s frustrating, I found out the TOP pilot test would be the same day as the party I was having (ie today).  And I was all excited, I could write the test in the morning run after and then party in the afternoon.

I got up all early, had a breakfast like a good girl and went to the test.  Sat down and started, and lemmi tell you the listening portion of the test was ridiculously boring.  It was so easy, the only thing I was a little stumped on was the word for tennis ball, 😀 as I don’t happen to know that word.  BUT then the test buggered up (we were testing on computers) and jumped to the end of the test.  So we all missed more than half of the listening portion of the test.

They told us to just continue with the test and that they would sort it out later.  So I started on the reading portion, which was HARD in part because I’m a bit crap at reading and also it was more difficult reading the characters on the computer screen.   Somewhat itsy font and generally reading on a computer is more difficult than on paper.

So when we finished the test, they told us that to complete the part of the test that was messed up.  But I can’t I’m having guests, then I found out that actually I had to write both the morning and the afternoon tests in order to get the score anyway.

DAMNIT so it turns out I apparently just can’t read in English, and missed the part that you had to do two tests.  The upside is if you do both tests then you can do the real test for free (instead of a 30$ charge)  and get an official certificate.  The down side is I can’t do the second test and the next set won’t be until March.

All of this wouldn’t really have mattered as I didn’t realize I could do the real test for free from writing the two tests in the first place.  All I wanted to know was would I pass the test if I wrote it or not, but I don’t even get to know that because the computer system screwed up.  The worst part is I’m pretty sure I would have passed the test (even with my shitty reading score).

Oh well, I guess I’ll go for a run and cry into my Wheaties later.  I guess I have a better idea of  what I need to study.. the contrast of how easy the listening was for me and how hard the reading was really shows I need to get my reading up.

Ow fuckity ow

11 06 2009

So here’s what made perfect sense while I was asleep.  On my big toe a little flap of skin came loose, you know how it does.. like a little ‘tag’ of skin.    it must have hurt or something bc I woke up to it and was like.. oh just pull it off.. MORON  Now if I had been awake and in reasoning mode, I would have remembered that pulling it just rips the skin all deep like, almost never solves the problem and makes it worse 90% of the time.  Yeah it made it worse.. woke up REALLY fast.  OW OW OW  Had to really get up get some scissors to cut it off but then it hurt like a bitch.  So I had to find a band aid, and then I had to take a fricken pain killer because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Gawd I’m dumb.   You know it’s going to hurt like hell for days, and I won’t be able to go running (although I might try).  Well I can bike anyway.

But I do have to take more time to study,  I’ve been falling behind and it sucks that I can’t remember a lot of the new words.. sigh.

Getting my 中文 (Chinese) study back on!

14 12 2008

So I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to start studying Chinese again, it’s really been bothering me that I’ve lived here so long and my language skills are still sub par. Plus it’s something that is a far more marketable skill in the world wide work force, than my teaching skills. Not to dis my own skills, but being wicked in Chinese is 100% more cool, and marketable. Study Chnese

So I ordered a Palm Pilot in the states (can’t seem to get one here) and my friend in the states is going to help me install all the software for studying Chinese characters. After everything is ready it will get sent to me! woo woo… I’m getting the Pleco dictionary, which seems to be the agreed best one available plus the new version includes it’s own flashcard system. Originally, I was going to have Supermemo installed too, which is a really great flashcard system, and now that I think about it I still might. I’m pretty excited about getting that to play with, hopefully soon. YAY

Also, a few months back I was teaching a class at this office, and one of my students Read the rest of this entry »