PICKLES and Bananas

17 05 2009

Yeah that title came from a complete lack of inspiration.. meh waddya gonna do?

So my sister is mad at me..  Well not so much mad as mildly irked.. oh she’ll deny it, but ti’s there a smidgen of animosity.  I can sniff it, I can I can.

Now how or why could anyone ever be irked with someone as precious and lovely as me you ask?  I just don’t know, she must be a cranky and disturbed chicky poo.. yes I’m sure that’s it… It can’t be related to the fact that she asked me to do something weeks (yes really weeks) ago and I still haven’t done it.  That would just be silly.

Now in my defense before you all jump up and down accusing me of being a big suck face, she did ask me to do something.  And made the task wildly vague, with no real guidance of what she wanted!  Other than hey can you write a guest sport or two something along the lines of a sports injuries for dummies.  Sounds simple right?

WRONG… what the hell am I meant to write about.. where do you start?  Where do you end?  It’s a heck of a lot harder than you might think.  Imagine if you will, that someone asks you a simple everything and then asks you to give them 10 examples I bet you money you get stuck!

So I have thought of a couple of topics I could mention, but how much do I say?  How much is too much how much is to little… the pressure is Read the rest of this entry »