Wait… why is that one red?

16 03 2012

I looked back and I never wrote about this.  A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about how he accomplished a lot the other including doing an AIDS test.  Which reminded me of my most recent test.  When Regis was talking about coming back to Taiwan and obviously we were discussing getting together for reals, we had discussed our sexual histories.  You know as most people do, and for both of us, there were a couple of little blips on the radar, not actual serious risky behavior.  But a few things that were well… worth looking into… if you know what I mean.  Chuckle, anyway I insisted that he get tested before coming to Taiwan, you know because I’m bossy.   All the while hoping the idea that I should get tests might slip his mind…. Because.. I hates the coochie doctor.  I hates him/her so much that the last time I went to get a pap and fully battery of tests… I never went back to get the results.  LOL.  Plus they disappeared and I didn’t know where they had moved to (weee problem solved as I didn’t want to go anyway).

Well it turns out that they had moved closer to the hospital, or so Tracey told me.  Poop.  Anyway about a week before Regis arrived he mentioned that he got his results back, all clean.  And then he asked me about if I had been tested recently, and didn’t I think I should probably get tested too?  SULK.

So I went to the vajaja doctor, got my results from last time… nothing interesting according to the doctor.  And was retested… Had to suffer through a seriously wooogy feeling for the whole rest of the day… bleh I shudder to think of it even now.  And then follows, the mental parade of every sexual partner ever. Because you know, past tests might have missed something from years ago, and what about toilet seats, and sharing drinks and… spiral of ridiculous panic.  Pierced now and then by the little voice that insists everything is fine.  I swear the day before I went to go get the results, I was a secret wreck.  But I went in, and there was no icky chair to sit in, my pap was normal and they handed my STD results with the comment everything looks normal.  As the doctor is going down the list telling me what all the little codes are for, all in blue….  I notice one is in red… HOLD on a minute.

Red is bad, RED??  Why is it red.  The doctor is all, oh it’s nothing… anyway this is.  HANG ON… why is it red.  It’s a positive result…. wtf???  What in god’s name did I test positive for?????

Stupid oral herpies.  Hence the doctor was like it doesn’t matter, I’ve probably had it my whole life and it’s never showed on a test because they usually don’t even bother testing for it.  And the results were a very faint positive result.  I was still completely floored, I mean I’ve heard that it can piggy back on the chicken pox virus and that most people who have had chicken pox will test positive for oral herpies.  But still.  I’ve never even had a cold sore.  The doc pointed out they only come out when you’re immune system is low, you’re tired sick ect… been there… done that.  Still never had a cold sore.  Grumble.

When I bitch about it, I’m told that everyone in my family that has ever been tested for it has tested positive….. chuckle but only my aunt and cousin get cold sores.

Oh well, at least I only seem to carry the virus, doesn’t effect me. But that line of red on the test kinda bugs me.  Sulk.