So What Is It Then?

1 05 2010

I’ve been thinking about it… and this whole being specific about what you want is.. well to put it frankly .. bull shit.

I have thought about it lately.  And recently I had an epiphany.

At the urging of several people I know, authors I respect, just trying to figure things out etc.  and a while back I wrote this post [Dear Universe] trying to detail what it is I want.  The other day I was thinking about it… and I realized everything I wrote was total BS, I mean sure these things may or may not be important to me but is it really, I mean REALLY what I want?

Sure, but to be honest when I wrote it, I was grasping at straws.  I didn’t know what to write so I forced myself to write something.  Everything says you need to be as specific as you can, and I tried to do that, but the reality is specific doesn’t mean shit if it isn’t right.   It was right, it is true.. but is it what  I really want?

I wrote another post about [getting what you want] which honestly when I went back a read it, I thought damn this girl knows what she’s talking about.  (Isn’t that a fricken laugh).  Well remember step one?  Yeah.. making lists about things you kinda maybe want because you need to make the list isn’t really the sa Read the rest of this entry »

Letters Last Night

31 08 2009

I’ve been going through some stuff, throwing things out, cleaning etc.  And I came across a couple of letters I had kept.  Something about snail mail, you just don’t want to throw it away.

I wish I hadn’t deleted all the emails from my ex, but I did and they are gone now.  He freaked out at me for being  a bitch, that he thought I was a shit friend and wanted nothing to do with me.  I think it was a year or so after I had moved here.  Maybe it was only 6 months, buy either way he said some hurtful things that can never be taken back. And that was it for me, I couldn’t take Read the rest of this entry »