Coming Soon to my Sister’s Blog

8 06 2009

Magda’s words of wisdom (hahhahahahahha)

Shit.  I didn’t forget that I was meant to do this every week… but damn it if the week doesn’t just sneak up on you all unexpected like, that and life (as Dee will attest to) has just been getting in the ‘way’ for me recently.  Regardless here we go.

Wait quick side note, seems I come up with idea’s when running… 😉 maybe I should run more 😛
Shin splints:
From what I hear they suck, some serious ass, I’ve never had them personally for a multitude of reasons.  I’ve been a runner (and yet I still don’t have a running belt.. [looks a Dee side ways and smirks] since I was a little kid (as in competitive all through elementary to high school until my ‘accident’).  As a result I received all kinds of training and just general practice that prevented them.  As a result of learning it all so young I have no idea what was relevant and what wasn’t.  But in High school a lot of the other athletes had problems (maybe I’m just lucky?), so we got speeches all the time on different topics.  Another reason I’ve never suffered with shin splints is I know the warning signs and then do what is needed to Read the rest of this entry »