Dining: Out of India, Shi Da

12 12 2008

So Thursday was a food-a-riffic day… went to dinner with Tracey, Melissa and JodieOut of India at this little Indian place in Shi Da called out of India. Really nice curries and dishes there, nothing terribly fancy but quite tasty. Dishes range from 150-400nt, plus rice and naan. The chick pea dish is 180, and the Lamb Saag is 340, naan’s are around 50nt. I tasted the chickpea one (chickpeas yuck (mealy buggers), but the sauce was delicious!), I nibbled on Jodie’s as well, something with potato’s and cauliflower also really nice and I had the lamb which was delicious.

Out of India is really easy to find, it’s down the alley across from the Watsons on Shi Da Road, in the alley it’s directly across from Evan’s (a burger joint). The address is a little ‘funny’ and somewhat counter intuitive but if you follow my directions it’s pretty easy to find. It’s considered by many to be one of the best Indian places in the Read the rest of this entry »

Lunch at Sababas

10 12 2008

First I would like to say it sucks my friend Amanda is going home, I mean it all great that she is going home and will get to be with her family for Christmas… but what about me and ladies who lunch? lol I’m just kidding.

In the past couple of month we have been going for lunches and it’s been super fun.. plus then we get to be ladies who lunch! yay!

We usually pop around to places that are kinda central in the city, so she can walk from work. We’ve hit up The Diner, The California Grill, Mykanos, and a few others. Today we went to Sababas. For those who don’t know, Read the rest of this entry »

Dining: Saigon Saigon Awesome Vietnamese

4 12 2008

So it’s occured to me that I don’t often write about things in Taipei and Taiwan, and as I don’t know how long I’ll be here for (you never know what might happen or come up). It seems like something I should probably get on :).

Today I went to my favourite Vietnamese place, which happens to be down the street from my house, but even if it wasn’t I would go out of my way to go there. It’s super yummy and really cheap. Your average meal runs you from 90-180nt ($3-7) more towards the lower end of that scale. I’ve tried the food at most of the other well known Vietnamese places around town and they are always more expensive, and never anywhere as good as it is at Saigon. So if anyone has a hankering for really amazing food at a price that is perfect, you totally have to come by. Oh, if you do, Call me!!! I’ll totally come with.

Plus they just opened another branch .. somewhere.. near shir lin I think.

The one by my house is near Wang Fang hospital MART station, walk straight out of the station, cross the street and walk past the McDonald’s, take a right in the lane after the 7-11, it’s on the right 2/3’s of the way down the lane.

Phone: 02-2934-8717 02-2934-1177 Mobile: 0932-196-550 Skype: saigon168

Address: Taipei City, Shin Long Road, Section 3, lane 36, alley 14, #2, 1st floor

Web page: http://www.just-eatting.com/

Back to my lunch 😀 Hello Yummy Pho (I should take pictures next time!)

Interesting post script and side bar….. I don’t write anything and my blog gets 36 hits and I do write and 5… lol.. does that mean I should write less?