6 Facts, facebook and pressies :)

25 09 2008

Ok I’ve had enough eveyone can stop bitching about the new Facebook now. Yes, I get it .. someone fukced with something you were very attached to and used to… most non tech people are big about facebook because you can only mess with it so much, thus there is a smooth format where you can know and find everything. And now it’s different. GET OVER IT. If you actually stop complaining for a min and take a look it’s actually much more organized and better for YOU the average user to navigate and find things. With all the applications and more to come it was just getting too damn messy, it’s growing and expanding and had to be cleaned up eventually. Well, I guess the time is now, everyone will get used to the new format or stop using it (seems little unlikely). Seriously though, have a look at it with an objective eye, I hated it at first too but it does make things easier to navigate. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it either (merely because I hate change and it make my butt pucker like a chipmunk eating a lemon), but I Read the rest of this entry »