Superman Needs to find a new Home

9 01 2009

So I was thinking today.. who the heck even uses phone booths these days.. it’s almost iPhone Boothlike something that belongs in a museum.   And it’s SO weird…. I mean I remember when cell phones were the size of bricks and hell expensive.  No one had one.. so you used those public phones or phone booths.

Seriously though, outside of airports (and even then not often) when the heck do you see anyone using a pay phone?  Even more elusive than the pay phone… the pay phone that chills in it’s own booth.

This all came up for me because I park really close to this phone booth everyday in the mornings, and while I’ve obviously noticed it before it’s never really grabbed my attention.  Today when I pulled up to work (while trying to pry my frozen fingers off the handlebars) I was totally shocked to see some dude in the booth… using the phone.  Then I did a mental double take, why the hell is that so damn weird?  Dude is just using the phone.  LOL

That’s all 😀