Windows & Computer Woes

1 09 2009

BAH…  computers are all fine and dandy as long as they are working fine.  But as soon as they are not..  Welcome to the land of frustration and irritation.

imagesI hate windows, I hate Microsoft.. I swear they deliberately make their software suck on purpose.   I mean can it really be an accident that it fucks up as much as it does?  GRRRR   So my machine has been a little off lately, so I decided to re-install windows… but windows.. for whatever reason won’t update.  Since it won’t update.. even on automatic updates or going to the site.. there are all kinds of little things that won’t work properly.

Now I could just ‘suck it up princess’ and use it as is… but that’s what I did on my last install and it continued to have aggravating little problems.  Honestly, I am seriously considering switching to linux and anyone who knows me knows how serious that is.  I hate change, I hate learning a new system.  I’m comfortable and I know how windows works, it’s honestly the primary reason I loathe Macs (and I want to step on their shiny little screens).

But right now I’m so fed up and pissed off at windows…. seriously I could fucking scream.  The worst part is, I’m sure it’s all my own Read the rest of this entry »