Sometimes I Ponder…

13 04 2010

OK, pretty much all th time I’m ponering something or other.

But recently I’ve been getting more ‘random’ comments on my  blog and I wonder.  Where do they come from, how are these people coming to my blog, what is it that promotes them to leave a comment?

Most things are good or nice (or junk.. you’re not tricking me with your comments about my blog but the link to protien supplements), and some are kinda nasty but hey life goes on.

What’s funny is how easy it is to say I don’t care blahdeblah but then someone says one little thing and it really gets your back up.  Like all the business with that one girl about my cat.

Side note I think I met her at a party and we got on really well she was going on and on about how much she wanted to be friends and so on but then strangely disappeared… when I looked into it I realized her name is the same as the girl from the ‘cat’ incident.  My best guess was when she looked me up online realized who I was and then changed her mind about being friends.   Commence chuckling now.

Anyway, on the last post.. which in case anyone missed it was NOT about fat people or ugly people, someone who I do not know left a comment on my blog.  At first I thought ‘cool a comment from another random person’, then I read it again.  Hold on no smiley faces or anything to indicate a tone, short choppy sentences which usually express anger or irritation, hmmmm several people seemed somewh Read the rest of this entry »

Secrets… bah silly I think

19 08 2009

So I have a bunch of posts saved on my computer, even more floating about in my head, tabs open on the computer about stuff I want to write…. plus my room looks like a bomb went off in here.  Laundry everywhere, stuff everywhere…   sigh.

So sitting around writing all day is totally what I should be up to? Obviously  :D.  But I fell like writing so boo hoo that’s what I’m going to do.

So with all these things on my mind what ever am I going to write about?  Well one thing I’m in the middle of is writing a letter to the Universe, about what it is I want.  Most specifically what I’m looking for in a relationship, and a guy.  I tend to get to get all tripped up when I try to put it into words and get specific, but I’m working on it.

I think the events of the past few days… weeks are quite ironic and interesting.  To me anyway 😀 and to my peeps I’m sure too.  I wish I could just post what I’m going to write in the open.  But out of respect for the privacy of the other people in the story I’m going to password lock the post, if you want the password you just have to ask, chances are I would give it to you.  There are only a select few who may not read it :D.  I would rather just post it openly but I made a promise.  Silly other people 😀

See the post beneath this one for the goods, email for the password 🙂