Why do you meet them?

8 01 2009

You know those people, the ones that you meet that do something that just seems to confirm all those horrible and frustrating things that keep happening.  Like those perfect jobs, that other people seem to have or get but those opportunities just don’t come to you.  Or those great guys you meet that either are dating someone else, or aren’t interested in you.

Now you could look at these kind of things many ways but I think the natural tendency is to see them as defeats.  Constant reminders of the things that we can’t or don’t have.   How things just don’t work out for us.

I had a thought the other day.. why can’t they be omens to bring us hope?  Like that great job opportunity that you heard about that didn’t get or just missed.  Or that guy that you met, who totally surprised you.. meeting requirements that you were looking for that you thought didn’t even exist in real people, and then wasn’t interested.  The perfect project that you would have really succeeded at that you didn’t complete.

I think from now on I’m going to choose the later perspective.. seems to leave more room for happiness and opportunities 🙂

Just my little random thought for the day :).