Lie to me, Biatch!

15 11 2009

So there is this show that started last year that I’m super into.  Called, you guessed it, Lie to me.   It’s all based on the science of this guy called Dr. Paul Ekman, it’s one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen if for no other reason that the whole thing is based on real stuff. lietome It’s all about micro expressions, and how you can tell people are lying.  They have all kinds of real life references, pictures etc of famous people that have been later been proven to be lying. (like that OJ kid)

Well every since I saw the show ‘Lie to me’ I have been really interested in the whole topic and with a little research I discovered that not only was it all based on real stuff the main character is (loosely) based on a real guy, who is an actual consultant on the show.  Not only does he consult on the show but Ekman does some vlogs to break down the science behind some of the stuff touched on in ‘Lie to me’.  I, unfortunately not living Read the rest of this entry »