Better Facebooking 101

13 05 2009

Everyone seems to have stopped bitching about the changes to Facebook, but after speaking with many friends it’s apparent that most people haven’t discovered the good changes.

Honestly, before the changes I almost never did anything on Facebook, because I often didn’t see the people I wanted and there was too much ‘stuff’ to shift and sort through to find things that I found interesting. Plus they use that little algorithm to judge who you are close to and show you more of their updates, but it’s not always accurate.

So I made this video that Kinda sucks, if I’m being honest, to break down what I do now. I only spend a few mins checking updates and making comments, I see everyone I want to, and I’m WAY more Read the rest of this entry »

Blah, blah night out and Facebook

22 03 2009

Yesterday I did a little shopping at Costco, always fun times, and then decided to go swimming.  After swimming came home and cooked up some yummy lamb and made an odd but good salad.

Purty flowers I got, no connection to the post :D

Purty flowers I got, no connection to the post 😀

I was pretty tired and kinda wanted to have a nap, but it really wasn’t in the cards.  It was my friend Arden’s Birthday party and I had also promised my co-worker I would go out to Luxy with her last night.  Had to do all that primping us girls go before heading out, you know how it is.  😉

Anywho after dolling myself up I went up to Luxy and met Wendy, her guy and a couple of other people outside.  Upside if you get in before 11pm cover is free (which is just the right price as far as I’m concerned).  I had a pretty good time at Luxy had a couple of drinks that the guys were nice enough to get for me (actually full on insist I have .. but same same).  Eventually I decided I needed to head over to Arden’s Party.

I had a heck of a time finding it as it had one of those weird addresses, where the actual place isn’t anywhere near the address.  And then when I did find it, as best as I could tell it was closed, I mean the damn metal gate was more than half closed!  The only thing that tipped me off that it was all a ruse was when Arden popped under the gate and Read the rest of this entry »