Computers, the Matrix, the Terminator, and Eagle eye

5 10 2008

I’m sure eveyone is gonna be like… Magda you’re crazy…

I’m not.. it’s fusking scary… and you should be a little freaked out too, damn it! Yeah they (and others like them) are just movies meant to entertain. Well logically speaking we are parasties on the earth causing far more damage than any other speciese… with no natuaral preditors.. Do we REALLY want logical computers thinking this through and doing something about it.

I read some people bitching about how the movie Eagle eye was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘totally impossible’, the only thing that I was like.. um ok that’s just silly was when they fried a guy with a power line in the desert, essentially vaporizing him… that was silly. But 90% of the other stuff… I know shit about computers compaired to someone who really knows something and even I understand how most of it .. it TOTALLY feasable with today’s technology.And that the shit we know about… I mean come on. Are people so delusion that they genuinely believe that Read the rest of this entry »